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Apply Now For The University Of Toronto Scholarship 2021


The University of Toronto scholarships 2021

  • Scholarship Awarding Body:  University of Toronto
  • Host institution: University of Toronto
  • Deadline: 15 January 2021.

The University of Toronto scholarships 2021 are life-changing opportunities. These scholarship schemes aim to change the career trajectory of an individual. This scholarship opportunity is targeted to both graduate and undergraduate students. The beneficiaries of these scholarships will have the honor of studying in  Canada’s top-ranking university.  The University of Toronto occupies the 16th spot in the global ranking and the 1st spot in Canada.   As the first Higher institution in the country,  the U of T has been very instrumental in the education of prominent men and women across the globe. Thus, apart from offering students a world-class education, the university opens wide doors of opportunities to students upon graduation.

The University of Toronto scholarships is reckoned as one of the best scholarship opportunity.  This is due to what the beneficiary stands to gain. The scholarship scheme is open to applicants in all works of life.  The university offers virtually all the courses for the award of BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. respectively.  Anyone who applied for admission at the University of Toronto is qualified for a vast array of admission scholarships offered by the  University.

These scholarship opportunities are merit-based scholarship schemes. Beneficiaries of these scholarships must be high achieving individuals with outstanding academic records.  The University provides 4,400  scholarship opportunities annually to qualified students who are newly admitted into the University. Some of these scholarships include:

  • Lester B. Pearson scholarship
  • University of Toronto scholars program
  • The president’s scholars of excellence program, etc.

The majority of these scholarship opportunities do not require a separate application.  The University of Toronto invests about  $20  million annually in scholarship. This explains why this scholarship scheme is considered the best so far.

Globemigrant. University of Toronto Scholarships 2021

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements vary based on the scholarship you are applying for. To have a full grasp of the basic eligibility criteria for all scholarship opportunities offered by the school, click here.

Scholarship Value

The value of scholarship depends on the type of scholarship the student applied for.    The university offers a vast array of scholarship opportunities. Each scholarship category has its value.  To get detailed information regarding these Toronto scholarships Value, click here

  • Eligible countries: open to both local and international students.
  • Age restriction:  Not specified
  • Gender restriction: No Gender restriction.
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Application Guidleine

To qualify for these scholarships, the applicants must first apply to the University of Toronto.  Click here to visit the University of Toronto scholarship website and apply.  

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