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The WFACF Scholarship is Currently Accepting Applications


The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation is accepting applications for their 2022–2023 WFACF scholarship program. Applications must be submitted by March 1. There are scholarships worth thousands of dollars available to students in Archer County. More than 200 scholarships totaling more than $490,000 were given to North Texas students in 2021. Scholarships are available for one or more years.

Applications for our general scholarship program will be accepted starting on January 1, with a deadline of March 1. Applications are now being accepted for the Wichita County Jr. Livestock Scholarship for the 2022–2023 academic year. While the WFACF Scholarship December 31 is the deadline here are 20 Scholarships for international students expiring Dec 2024.

WFACF Scholarship Application Details

Unless specified on the particular scholarship, all applications must be submitted electronically using our online scholarship portal.  Applications for scholarships include:

  1. Fill out and send in an online application.
  2. Those who meet the requirements can submit more “Recommended Opportunity” applications to be considered for more scholarships.
  3. One legitimate transcript from high school, two citations 
  4. After the application has been reviewed, more papers could be required.

About The WFACF Scholarship

The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation has been assisting the Wichita Falls communities since March 1999. It does this by creating endowments and other charitable funds that support a range of nonprofit initiatives. The Foundation’s finances are used to address local needs and maintain existing organizations and institutions through grants in various fields, including the arts, culture, education, ecology, historic preservation, health, and human services.

Unrestricted: The W.F.A.C.F. Unrestricted Grants Endowment’s expenditure rate and the income from public funds are the sources of grants given out twice a year. February and September are the two unrestricted grant cycles that occur each year. The W.F.A.C.F. Board of Directors must approve the proposals made by the W.F.A.C.F. Grants Committee.

  • Donor-Advised: Donors suggest grants; the W.F.A.C.F. Grants Committee considers, accepts, or rejects suggestions before recommending them to the W.F.A.C.F. Board for approval. Donor-advised funds of the W.F.A.C.F. may be either non-endowed or ended. Awards and recommendations are given out all year long.
  • Grants that are designated: According to the fund agreements of donors, grants are given to organizations that meet specific requirements. Funds authorized by the W.F.A.C.F. may be endowed or non-endowed. Awards and recommendations are given out at different times of the year.
  • Agency Endowment: To obtain cash for the agency, the agency may ask for the endowment for W.F.A.C.F.’s current spending rate. Though quarterly proposals could be considered, granting one request every year is preferable.
  • Scholarships: Students apply each year, and the W.F.A.C.F. Board of Directors approves the decisions made by the W.F.A.C.F. Scholarship Committee or committees supported by the W.F.A.C.F. Scholarship grants offered by W.F.A.C.F. may be either non-endowed or endowed.
  • Pass-Through: Organizations typically start charitable endeavors with a particular goal in mind. Further investigation is carried out to confirm the precise charity objective. The W.F.A.C.F. Board Approved Fundraising Policy will govern how these funds are raised. Following fundraising, the W.F.A.C.F. Grants Committee reviews grant recommendations and, if deemed necessary, awards grants at the discretion of the W.F.A.C.F. Board of Directors.


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