Sure Tips On How To Apply For Apple Entrepreneurs Camp 2021

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Applications for the apple entrepreneurs camp are now open. The program is a thorough technology lab established solely for the support of female founders & developers whose tech crafts are not well acknowledged.

  • Name of Contest: Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2021 for Female Founders and Developers
  • Hosted: By Apple Inc, Cupertino, California
  • Application Deadline: Friday, March 26, 2021.

Apple Contest, What is it all About?

Slated to begin July 20 to 29, 2021, Apple Entrepreneur Camp is aimed at assisting female entrepreneurs in their strifes to design the next generation of trail-blazing app softwares. The camp also seeks to help form a universal network that promotes the permanence of founders and developers against all backdrops.


  • Applicant must be a female founder, co-founder, or CEO;
  • Must be a female developer, fluent in Swift/ Objective-C;
  • Must have developed an app of useful build that can be demoed live.
  • Must be aged 18 and above and fluent in English.
  • Must agree to T&C of Apple Entrepreneur Camp & Policy.
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Camp Benefits

Selected orgs/ persons are liable to get;

  • One-to-one code-level guidance from Apple professionals
  • Educative chats from Apple execs on diverse topics, i.e, the latest development in machine learning & AR
  • One year ongoing support, by a representative Developer from Apple Inc
  • Apple Membership Developer Program for a year; and
  • Access to the world-class Apple Entrepreneur Camp alumni network, a group of ambitious leaders.

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More Info

The application is in 4 parts,

  • Uploads and prompts for written responses
  • A brief contact info of 3 previous employers & work experience of applicant
  •  Introduce your software, your co-developers, a demo link {optional} and wireframes showing user experience.
  • Make an exposition of prospective gains of participating in the camp & future plans. Choose a suitable date for your application and make comments.


Applications will be reviewed based on:

  •  Uniqueness & innovativeness of the software app
  • Content of responses addressing the question on the app forms
  • Commitment to growth of Apple platforms using latest Apple techs;

Application Method & Website

  • Direct all entries to
  • You’ll be prompted by the site to create an Apple ID, if you don’t own one already

For more information on how to apply for the Apple Entrepreneurs Camp 2021

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