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Top 10 Hotels for an Exciting Romantic Getaway


This article provides couples and newlyweds a compiled list of some of the top 10 hotels for an exciting romantic getaway to enjoy leisure times.

There are many romantic hotels in the world, and choosing attractive destinations can be stressful, but how about if you want to enjoy the luxuries provided by a hotel? Here are the best hotels for a romantic getaway:

J.K Place Capri

Top 10 hotels for an exciting romantic getaway

This Hotel, located in Italy, is a plush and exotic getaway hotel is very attractive and is a top hotel for couples as its design; especially interior design and detail, are made to induce a feeling of comfort and elegance, which makes it one of the top luxury hotel breaks for couples, as well as combining an exotic hotel like this with its amazing location on the coastline, which is accessible by ferry or helicopters.

Famous Tuscan designer Michele Bonan approves its designs before they are approved, and the town of Carpi is only about ten minutes away drive from the hotel.

Le Barthelemy Hotel and Spa

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This Hotel is a destination for those who desire a hotel that offers luxury hotel breaks for couples, as it is a very popular hotel and resort in the Caribbean, especially as it is located on the island of St. Barts, which can be rated as one of best hotels for a romantic getaway.

Le Barthelemy offers a wide selection of spacious and elegant rooms with plunge pools. They serve modern French foods in their restaurant, and the location serves as a good site for those interested in water sports like kayaking and snorkeling.

La Maison d’Aix

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This hotel is dubbed as one of the most romantic hotels in the world. It is an 18th-century mansion in France with romantic suites, contemporary furniture, and floors of teak parquet, which are as old as 300 years.

There is a 24-hour spa available for you and a heated pool to relax in with your romantic partner, and if you so choose, they have romantic suites like the “Love Suite” available for booking.

Lanai Four Seasons Resort

Top 10 hotels for an exciting romantic getaway

This hotel is one of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resort branches and is located in Hawaii, also regarded as having some of the best romantic suits.

One of the best honeymoon hotels globally, they provide customized itineraries and spa treatments, and wellness consultation, all on the property, which was formerly a pineapple plantation.

Soneva Kiri

Top 10 hotels for an exciting romantic getaway

Right in between the ocean and jungle in Thailand, this contender for Top 10 romantic hotels in the world provides you with your personal butler throughout your stay.

Each of their private villas contains private pools, and you can engage in one or more of the romantic activities offered, like star gazing. Some of their larger and more expensive villas also have their own spa treatment area and waterslides.

Auberge du Soleil

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This beautiful hotel in Napa Valley, California, is the manifestation of the vision of one of its founders Claude Rouas. This hotel is on a location that showcases an exciting and breathtaking view, all sitting on 33-acre land containing numerous olive trees and oak trees.

Some of their facilities that makes them a contender as one of the best hotels for a romantic getaway include fridges stocked with wine and cheese of numerous origins, a deep soaking tub for you to enjoy alone or with your partner, giving you and your partner the experience that you are truly at the crown of romantic hotels in the world, and a sculpture garden that is fit for romantic evening strolls. They offer accommodation ranging from private mansions to deluxe suites and rooms.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

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This hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, has been in existence for a really long time, since 1896 to be exact.

The hotel is known for its legendary afternoon teas, along with its spa and enormous windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, but that is not all that they have to offer, as they also have romantic suites, elegant rooms overlooking the mountains, and free mini-bars as well as butler service which is available if needed and requested. For those interested in sports, and tennis, in particular, they have a tennis court available, as well as ice rinks in the winter season.

Golden Eye

Top 10 hotels for an exciting romantic getaway

This Jamaican hotel is not just well known. It is also an unusual type of hotel because instead of just rooms and suites provided, the Golden Eye is a collection of private villas, romantic suites, cottages, and beach huts. Their beach villas sit directly on the beach from where its visitors can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Jamaican Architect Ann Hodges is also the designer for every single villa. The cottages also provide direct access to the water for people to swim in it as they so, please. It is also a fun fact to note that the popular author Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond) stayed here, and it is here that he wrote all his 14 James Bond novels. The private villas might be a little pricey, but their beach huts and cottages are very much affordable.

Belamere Suites

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If you previously did not have any reason to travel to Ohio because it is considered one of the best hotels for a romantic getaway, well, at least you have one now, as this Hotel is a must-visit for couples planning a romantic getaway in the state. Belamere has been in business for over 15 years.

They provide concierge service round the clock and provide swimming pool suites which can be heated depending on your preference. Imagine you and your partner having your own private pool to yourselves, and also imagine being served breakfast in bed. This and many more is what the Belamere Suites offers and delivers.

Lake Placid

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This beautiful Lakeside Hotel is located directly on Lake Placid, New York. It is still known and remembered for its Olympic track, in which you can go bob-sledding, and the frozen lake is a prime location for ice skating during the winter when the lake is frozen.

Fitted with wood carved beds, and stone fireplaces for warmth, and also an enclosed dining terrace, why don’t you take a trip down here with your loved one(s) and enjoy all that this place has to offer?

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