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Türkiye Scholarships For Postgraduate And Undergraduate For The 2021 Academic Session- Apply Now


Türkiye Scholarships 2021 Applications

  • Awarding Body: Türkiye Scholarships
  • Host Institution: universities in turkey
  • Deadline: 20th-02-2021

The grant is for outstanding students going in or a full-time or short term scheme at leading Turkish institutions. The applications will be open to giving access to applicants who wish to study a BSc, MSc, and PhD in the Turkish institution.

The project is a full-time government funding scholarship.

Türkiye Scholarships’ goal is to develop future leaders dedicated to building up teamwork and mutual.Understanding among regions. Notwithstanding the establishment of educational funding prospects globally, adding to it rich experience and knowledge. Turkey presents grants to students globally from all over the world to study at elite and chosen turkey institutions.

Eligibility Requirements 

Eligible Countries/ Regions: all countries can apply

Gender Restrictions: no gender restrictions

Age Restrictions: ages program

  •          21        undergraduates
  •          30               masters
  •          35              doctorates

General Eligibility Requirements 

  • Applications are open to applicants who can graduate after the current educational year
  • Applications are open to all citizens from any country
  • Applications are open to researchers and faculty member
  • Applicants for a bachelor degree must attain a minimum of 70% academic achievement
  • Applicants for a master and doctorate must attain a minimum of 75% academic achievement
  • Applicants for health sciences under pharmacist, dentistry, and medicine must attain a minimum of 90% academic achievement

Scholarship Value 

The grant houses

  • Allowance Monthly
  • Fee for tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Turkish language course for one year
  • Insurance (health)
  • University and program employment
  • Returning airfare
  • Financial support
  • A compulsory one year course
  • Resident permit
  • Social, cultural, and academic guidance in conferences, cultural day gatherings, seminars, sports and arts, internships, and career orientation programs.

Application Instructions 

Candidates should

  • Carefully read the instructions and warnings
  • Submit and upload all necessary documents
  • Not deliver applications through posting, handling, or courier
  • Beware applications are free. In other words, don’t receive or contact any third party personal in terms of admission
  • Be inform that both the university placement and scholarship is given at the same time
  • Submit a valid national identification ID or a passport
  • submit recent photo and photo must be well diminished in a portrait way, and all uploaded images that are not identifiable will determine your application evaluation.
  • Submit examination scores. It is for students who did not possess any international qualification
  • Submit a diploma or temporary certificate of graduation
  • Submit academic transcripts
  • Acknowledge that the chosen institutions may require an international examination
  • Acknowledge that the chosen institutions may require Language test scores
  • Submit a proposal for research and an example of applicants written work (strictly for student going in for a doctorate program)
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Application Website For more info Click here to apply

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