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Discover 10 Unique Places to Visit in Kent, England


Kent, a maritime north-eastern region in England is replete with captivating havens suitable to release your pent up energies, perhaps, it’s why it is often dupped ” The Garden of England”. There are several unique places to visit in Kent, from the steep terrains, the white cliffs in Dover, boisterous resorts near the seaside, to the magnificent Cathedrals and castles.

Visitors often go on quick breaks to unravel the popular towns of Canterbury and Rochester, exploring the greenery and rolling hills, valleys of wood, and delectable landscapes. Whether or not you go on foot, horseback, or on bikes, prepare to relish in natural scenes this summer with picnic spots and make pleasant strolls in the autumn.

List of Things to do & Best Places to Visit in Kent

Several tourists looking for the best places to visit in Kent, find sites here that are open all year, for interesting engagements. Kent offers seasonal ceremonies year-round, for your indulgence. Scroll through the list below to find the most unique places to visit in Kent;

10. Walk Awhile

unique places to visit in kent

This is one of the best places to visit in Kent, England for your walking tours as you go on solo or guided visits in this Southern England resort. It is open all through the year for assorted hikers. Explore hidden parts of Kent, the people, their culture etc as you go, with tracker supports.

9. Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

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Discover the pretty hillside gardens of the Rogers’ family of far back 1840. There are extensive views over the Weald of Kent, azaleas, delicate specimen trees, roses, and natural woodland footpaths, including childrens play area, making it among the cool places to visit in Kent.

8. The Historic Dockyard

unique places to visit in kent

Every year, dozens of discoveries from explorations are made at The Historic Dockyard which is one of many beautiful places to visit in Kent. Dockyard is among Britain’s famous maritime heritage sites as well as being among world’s most grand dockyard.

7. Tunbridge Wells

unique places to visit in kent

This epic city of market towns and villages can be traced back to the Norman periods. It has several areas with lots to do. It’s among good places to visit in kent for winter, with exclusive skating, music, festivity for you to catch the ultimate Christmas vibe when the season is ripe.

6. Whitstable

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Talk of a town like no other with proximity to the sea, local charms, arts, culture and lush maritime history, it is either Whitestable or Whitestable, Yea! The interesting place is superb for coastal and day trips with mouth watery seafoods for visitors. Likeable for its beaches, antiquities, oysters, the creamy pebbles make the coast adorned unlike any other.

5. Deal Castle

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Deal Castle predates the period of Prince Henry VIII and is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kent. Revere in the mazy narrow walkways and leisure strolls. Entry passes are usually affordable and it is equipped with audio guides and exhibitions for both kids and adults.

4. Canterbury & Coastal Kent

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Known as the Historic Passage into England, these unique places to visit in Kent have amazing country life, sand beaches, scenic ports, and a World Heritage destination. Once your plane hits England, you can’t afford to miss paying a visit to this ancient city of huge cathedrals

The foremost medieval religious city of Canterbury can be explored solo, while taking an easy train from London. Ofcourse, you’ll need to acquire advance online tickets for the Cathedral tours which for about a period of 1400 years, was a worship and pilgrimage centre and also instrumental to the rise of the Magna Carta.

3. Hever Castle

unique places to visit in kent

On this list of the best places to visit in Kent, England, Hever Castle is one with over 700 years old edifice, resplendent gardens, maze, military museum and other interesting perks. Historic indeed.

Interestingly too, plan day trips and overnight stays here for special treatments, especially at Yuletide seasons as the entire Castle is magically decked from top to bottom.

2. Reculver Towers

unique places to visit in kent

Reculver heights denote history at its peak, with towers that predate the Roman era. The towers, situated along the coast of Kent, snuggling between Margate and Whitstable, are among the best places to visit in Kent. Perched brilliantly on the cliff top, its coastal streets stretches far from Sealsalter till the Isle of Thanet, straddling across three famous cities.

1. Broadstairs & Botany Bay

unique places to visit in kent

Often considered the Jewel of the Crown of the Isle of Thanet, this bay represents a wonderful epicentre of country life. Pay visits to independent cinemas, stores and local pubs which are in galore, when you come to this quaint English specimen, as you forage the Botany Bay area for fossils.

You can as well make double visits to pubs and bookstores at The Chapel! Then afterwards, take leisury strolls along the coastal walkways leading from eitherside of Margate or Ramsgate of which Broadstairs sits right in between.


These coastal region rates among best places to visit in Kent all year round, as these areas boast of most splendid beaches in England. Discover more about the villages and towns that line up the interior of this Garden of England with the all interactive map of Kent.

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