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The Middle East, 10 Best Locations For Wellness Retreat


Perhaps, Tourism’s most pronounced notches in recent years has been the emergence of wellness retreat, spar and a number of other recreational resorts. With a plethora of natural resources, leisure tradition and attraction sites, has made the Middle East a veritable choice for the teaming wellness retreat lifestyle seekers in the world.

Here are some key locations in the sand-sunny region suited for wellness retreats, for those seeking a leisurely escape from the bustle of life;

The  Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery,

10 Best Locations For Wellness Retreat In The Middle East
The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery

Known as the first wellness resort in the middle east, it offers a complete treatment for a healthy wellbeing. This 255 rooms resort is located in the palm trees island, backing the Persian Gulf in Dubai. The resort’s major aim is to offer a holistic wellness approach to visitors who hope to assuage their hunger for luxurious lifestyle. It is a blend of organically distilled ingredients for cooked meals, and certified health coaches that offer nutritional counseling, detox, health tips and spar programs to all visitors. The Retreat also has zero-alcohol and smoke policies, together with their yoga sessions  for all round cleansing and  balance regaining.

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, Oman

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort Oman

Be it for swinging from the nearby mountains, or cooling off in the enticing spa with its energy boosting hammam rituals of scented frankincense perfumes, this resort is perhaps Oman’s notable wilderness hotel. Located in the Sunny Al-Hajar mountains, on the bend of the Arabian Peninsula, it is upgraded with majlis-style sit outs, pool villas, an outdoor hookah sit out with lantern lightings, with an extravagant customer etiquette. Also known as the Gulf of Oman, the hotel’s main aim is pure wellness retreat, though it’s rumoured to have the highest pools, stargazing bays and tennis courts in the middle East.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, Turkey

10 Best Locations For Wellness Retreat In The Middle East
Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Turkey

Here’s where Mary McCartney snapped the foremost Oscar-Award winner, Rami Malek. Known for its outstanding service delivery and spell binding location, the Mandarin Oriental is a best choice for celebrities and celebrators alike. With its dreamy outdoor pool, and the azzure Aegean Sea, the Mandarin Oriental offers deep seated wellness treatment and yoga sessions. Revel and unwind in the luxurious large spa space of 2,700m². Make out time for private tour to Etrim village of handcrafted furnitures and rugs.

Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

Six Senses Zighy Bay Oman

This is one of the favourite duluxe wellness spots in the Middle East. Known for its unique location and an ever conscious ways of hospitality. Six Senses Zighy Bay situates in the midst of the Musandem Peninsula and the lofty mountains of Oman. The resort, like others focuses on wellness treatments for a complete balance of the mind, body and soul. Other unique experiences are rock climbing, mountain scaling, scuba diving, hiking and paragliding. These and many more are the reasons you should add this resort to your ‘to go’ list for wellness treatment.

One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai

10 Best Locations For Wellness Retreat In The Middle East
One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai

Designed for leisure, restore and to enliven, Royal Mirage partners with The Chenot Group, (certified health and beauty experts) to offer customized spa services suited for guests’ needs. This resort is considered an oasis of serenity nestled in the boisterous fast pace modern day life of Dubai. The Royal Mirage base their services on aesthetic, facial scrubs, men’s treatment, full body massages. The resort supplements these therapies with fitness kits, yoga and double tech advanced gyms, with other state of the art equipment to spur up those limps and joinings.

Four-Seasons Resort, Jordan

four seasons resort jordan

Four Seasons Resort overlooks central Amman, nestling in the heights of seven hills, a veritable exploration fountain of the Jordan wonders. The Nabatean routine is a form of treatment here that utilizes olive seeds, and other oils as moisturizers, together with organic detoxifying substance as skin cleansers. There are yoga classes in and outside the complex, exterior and interior pools that promotes the luxury of Jordan’s Four Seasons Resort. Petra and Wadi Rum are interesting Heritage Sites that adventure freaks will crave for, particularly the Bedouin nightlife and desert hikes.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

wellnes retreat in the middle east,
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Dubai

The all-deluxe hotel fans itself as the world’s most luxurious hotel, with 201 duplex suites, five glistening  pools,  a private beach, toppled with excellent customer services like personal butlers and airport transits in a convoy of the world’s most extravagant chauffeur fleets of Rolls Royces. The resort is architectured in a sail-shaped silhouette giving it a striking image of a modern seven-star hotel. It’s Talise Spa has won several awards, with a variety of treatments like hot stone massages, facial, hair and reflexology. They’re a number of indoor and outdoor facilities, jacuzzi, steam rooms infinity and plunge pools, a classy fitness auditoriums.

3. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

The exclusive resort, opened in 2014, Palm Jumeirah has an architectural edifice designed after  Thai tradition. The Dubai resort boasts of 293 separate rooms, best for beach lovers, family weekend getaways, with its all inclusive gym, pool area and free WiFi to capp it up. The Lotus Bar is a nice spot to catch the city vibe and end the evenings with a tall glass of luxury.

Al Baleed Resort Salalah, Anantara, Oman

Al Baleed Resort Salalah Anantara Oman

The infinity pool, freshwater lagoons and the self indulgent spa are experiences worth the expense of taking a summer-cation in Al Badeed Middle East Resort. This luxurious retreat spot features world best healing therapies, with the ancient Ayurvedic procedures, of over 5000 years long tradition. It’s focuses are holistic health techniques, nutrition, detox, yoga, TRX and other guest-centred therapies.

BeVOYAGEUR Summit Retreat, Jordan

Bevoyageur summit retreat jordan

This is among the best luxury wellness spots in the Middle East. This Jordan expirential resort  is an exclusively invite-only yearly wellness treatment center. They gather ambitious business magnates and adventurous practitioners in one place to sail the voyage of a lifetime. It has the Petra and Wadi Rum World Heritage Sites as regular itineraries.

To capp it up, there are numerous beauty-minded and therapeutic spa resorts scattered all over the Middle East. For wellness treatment, detoxification and purification of tan on skin, and the untra-deluxe treatment, think the middle East. Take a “once in a shady moon” summer-cation, staycation, weekend getaway, whatever here, and be glad you did.

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