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International Travel Documents: 3 Important Things to Know


Do you desire to travel out of your country either for work, tourism, business, meeting, or the likes? Are you ready to embark on the trip, but you are not sure you know all it takes? Then this article is the right one for you!. As long as you get the right information, you cannot be stranded. Therefore, relax and as you read on because your worries about travel documents and international travel will be replaced with enthusiasm and happiness.

Types of Visa


Visa is described as the documents issued by the government of a country that permit someone to travel freely in and out of the country.

Travel Visa is the permission given by the government of the country you intend to visit so that you will have access to their country within a particular frame of time. However, Visa can be of different types based on your reasons for traveling. The types of Visa are:

1.     Work Visa


A work visa is issued to you if you are traveling out of your own country to secure a job in a foreign country. It contains information about you and how long you intend to stay over there.

2.     A tourist visa

A tourist visa is issued to you if you are going on a trip for fun and tourism. In the Visa is the indication of your period of stay. However, some countries also issue visa-on-arrival to travelers, and America is one of such countries. Hence, you need to be well informed of all it takes to enter any country of your choice.

Travel Documents

Travel documents are the documents that contain all detailed particulars about you. The government of a country issues these documents based on your agreement on the terms and conditions you stated. The documents also show the legality of an individual as confirmed by the government authorities.

The travel documents include your passport most times and your travel visa. For some countries, all you just need is your valid passport because it already contains the most needed information such as your name, country, date of birth, place of birth, photograph, and other useful information.

However, countries like Canada, United States, and Mexico will issue you passport cards alongside your passport booklet. But you must be prepared to turn in your travel visa in any country it is required. Make proper findings of what the country you intend to visit requires.

Importance of Travel Documents

It is important to possess your travel documents because through that you have the opportunity to travel into another country of your choice and also return to our homeland. If you don’t have the correct travel documents, you are not yet ready to embark on the trip. You will not be able to travel out of your country to other countries, and if by chance you can travel out by chance, you may get stuck there for a long time until you can produce the correct documents. This may be very risky. Perhaps, you had the travel documents, and you got it lost. For more information, cli8ck here.

The Cost of Travel Documents

You need to know what it costs to get your travel documents. The cost varies from country to country. Let us, therefore, consider the cost of getting your travel documents.

1. Passport booklets: These are the basic travel documents that are required. For eligibility to get a passport to the US as a first-timer, you must be above 16 years in age and pay a sum of 145 US dollars. But if you are not a first-timer, you need to do renewal for just 110 US dollars.

2. Passport cards: These are additional documents issued alongside your passports. These cost a minimum of 65 US dollars.  You need just 30 US dollars to renew the passport cards if you already possess them.

Application for Source Documents

If you want to apply for source documents, the steps below are to be taken.

1. Apply for a passport: The first step to take is to apply for a passport, which must be printed after which you fill a form known as the DS-11 passport form. Then you must present a current color photo, proof of identity, and US citizenship. Make sure you make photocopies of all your documents and submit them as required. After getting all the necessary documents ready, you can then pay the allotted fees for each process.

2. Post your package: The next thing to do after compiling all your documents is to send your documents via United States Post Office. The main task they perform is to help you process your visa applications. You can reach any of their nearest offices by searching online for the USPS website. Make sure your package is properly secured and tracked before sending it.

3. Lastly, what you need to do is to pay the money for services. You will pay just 60 US dollars for expedited service and for overnight return service, you will pay 17.13 US dollars. The processing of your package may take up to 4 weeks or six weeks maximally. Assuming you intend to go on a trip in the next 2 weeks, you must have applied 8 weeks earlier. Therefore, you need to take note of that time and apply on time so that it will not affect your trip. All these processes apply to obtaining a passport card.


Now that we have successfully considered all you need to know to embark on an international trip, I am sure that you must be very happy right now and no longer in the dark on this matter.  However, if you need to know more, click here.

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