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12 Reasons Why France Remains The World Most Visited Country


When it comes to tourism, sight appeal, and leisure, don’t break your back checking elsewhere because France has it all. Trust me when I say this glittery city is not the only among the first world nations to have a large influx of tourists annually making it the most visited country in the world. In fact, Spain and America topple France when it comes to the tourism industry, but only in revenue generation, not in the number of visitors.

Do you know, France received a total of about 84 to 89 million visitors from all parts of the globe, flocking in to uncover the sight, ambiance, sound, and smell of France annually? Well, it did, but that’s not all; wait for the real bomb!

Plans are underway for these figures to be pushed higher up the charts, as the interior ministry of tourism in France has finalized provisions of hosting up to 100 million visitors annually. Just how cool can that be?

But before I go on raving about the extremely speedy trains that strike a semblance of a piece of automobile taken off a “Fast & Furious” turbo lane. Just before I rave of how you can commute from the heart of France, Paris to Bordeaux, or halfway across the country in just 2hrs, or the internal flights that make flying to longer destinations seem like teleporting, allow me to take you on a cruise ride through the eight borders that give this magnificent countryside, a world-class, first choice tourism appeal;

A Magical Capital

france most visited country

The ideal couple’s rendezvous, little wonder why newlyweds fly there for honeymoon. “Paris is always a good idea,” says a 20th-century actress on stage. Paris remains as charming as ever. Little wonder why it lures them in, who visit for the first time. Paris sits atop the shelf as a beautifully packaged gift, waiting for series of visitors to come to unwrap it. Fortunately enough, it never loses its lustre, even to old-timers and the locals.

21 Best Places to Visit in France


most visited country

Recent statistics indicate Paris has reached more than 10years all-time high in the tourism index since 2004. Paris is a king that can never vacate his throne for another. It retains its title as the most visited country on the blue planet. This is despite series of internal conflicts and strifes. As an added incentive, visitors find it a luscious ground for harnessing new business ideas and entrepreneurial fits before spreading them out to other parts of Europe.

Food in France

Most bordered European country

most visited country

Several other nations in Europe wouldn’t mind having half of what France boasts of. It’s pretty easy to move from any of its border countries in and out of France cos it shares boundaries with eight others. France has hexagonal frontiers that aid ease of access for trade and other commercial activities. France’s climate is sort of tourist-friendly, ( mild autumns and springs, humid summers). And the mountains, beaches, lagoons, and general topography is oh so superb.  

Historic Artistry & Culture

most visited country

Artifacts from the two world wars, Napoleon’s exigencies, revolutions, historical itinerary sites for visitors, to dazzling chateaux, France virtually has it all. The landscape is prettified with infamous Somme battle sites, the D-day landing zones, huge cathedrals etc, France is actually not an overhyped destination. With intense interest on all sides, the centenaries of World War 1 didn’t do any harm to the 2014 figures.

World Heritage Sites

most visited country
French Heritage Site

For a fact, Unesco World Heritage nominated about 39 historical sites in France alone, making it fourth in the world charts and giving it an added advantage to its ranking as the world’s most visited country. There is the Louvre, which houses the Mona Lisa, among thousands of other art relics. It attracts nearly 10 million tourists annually. There are museums, art galleries.

The Most Beautiful Places in France

Uniquely diverse

most visited country
France vacation

France is a peacock of many colors, yet these colors string together a picturesque topography. From the Sandy white beaches, the coastline of jagged cliffs, to the southern shores, one might easily mistake all the round corners of the terrain to be the same. Talkless of the picturesque islands that irk for exploration, the Pyrenees range of mountains, the Mediterranean towns on French Riveria.

YouTube video


most visited country

Unlike most European and American states, you can readily purchase and own a home in the sun view slopes of the countryside, just keep a reasonable mortgage cheque handy. The warmth, climate, access routes, and cuisines are easily the germane reasons some opt for a French residence as a top option on their preference list.

How much should I bring to Paris for a week trip?

First class cuisines & wine spirits


France is a trailblazer in the gastronomic specialty. Well-cooked meals go handy with the best wines. It’s a French heritage. The five-starred restaurants command dexterity even in the simple formula of baked bread. French gastronomy had clinched a spot in UNESCO’s heritage list, a haven for food and homemade ‘vin’ lovers.

8 Neighborhoods To Stay In Paris

Resplendent City of Lights

Every year, global tourists flock to Paris. They can’t just get enough of the Champs Elysées, Louvre museum, cut-edge architecture, and romantic image. Disneyland theme park, near the capital city, remains Europe’s notable tourist site.

What Is France Famous For?

Cheap booze

Cheap Booze

The Calais hypermarket has a number of crates of booze auctioned at relatively cheaper rates than other parts, such as Dover, not too far-fetched from there.

English friendly

English Friendly

Though this one is quite debatable, some information outlets scattered around the country make provisions for bilingual and multilingual terminals, or most of them are audio-guide equipped for multi-languages.

Main Mountain Ranges of France

The mountains

Mountain in France

There are multi varied mountain ranges, expedient for skiing. This contributes to France is seen as one of the world’s largest locations, among the other two, Spain and the United States.  

In conclusion, out of millions that make it to France, only a few actually remain there. A whole lot of others are mostly going elsewhere. A vast proportion of these migrant tourists allegedly going to France are, truthfully, just passing en route other nearby places such as Italy, Spain, or far-fetch native lands. Most of them pass the night in their parked cars on roadsides. This,  the  Minister frowned at, doesn’t contribute to the economy of France.

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