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Work Trends 2024: High Demand and Hybrid Options Mark Indeed’s Annual List of Top Jobs


The job market continues to evolve in 2024, with Indeed’s annual list of top jobs highlighting a strong focus on mental health, engineering, and flexible work arrangements. While high salaries remain important, candidates increasingly prioritize roles offering remote or hybrid work options, reflecting a significant shift in workplace expectations.

Mental health takes centre stage: This trend is evident in two mental health professions in the top five of Indeed’s annual list of top jobs: mental health technician (average salary: $77,448) and mental health therapist (average salary: $76,140). This surge reflects the growing awareness of mental health needs and the increased demand for qualified professionals. Psychiatrists also made the list, boasting the highest average salary of $258,440.

Engineering expertise in high demand: The need for skilled engineers persists, with electrical engineers (average salary: $102,590) and mechanical engineers (average salary: $96,091) securing spots on Indeed’s annual list of top jobs. These roles require technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, making them valuable assets in various industries.

Construction and finance see strong representation: The list also features construction project manager (average salary: $103,431) and loan officer (average salary: $192,339). These positions demand specialized skills and offer promising career paths, with loan officers boasting the second-highest average salary on Indeed’s annual list of top jobs.

Business roles with a human touch: Human resources manager (average salary: $79,174) and senior accountant (average salary: $82,811) round out the top ten. These roles combine technical expertise with interpersonal skills crucial to organizational success.

Flexibility reigns supreme: Notably, 18% of roles on Indeed’s annual list of top jobs mention remote or hybrid work options, indicating a clear preference among job seekers. This trend aligns with Indeed’s recent research, which found that 74% of professionals would consider a new job offering remote work. Companies adapting to hybrid models will likely attract and retain top talent in this competitive market.

Beyond the list: Skills in demand: While specific job titles vary, certain skills attract employers. According to Indeed’s Skills in Demand report, the top five most sought-after skills are:

  1. Communication
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Teamwork
  4. Time management
  5. Customer service

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The takeaway: The 2024 job market presents exciting opportunities in diverse fields, as reflected in Indeed’s annual list of top jobs. Focusing on in-demand skills, embracing mental health awareness, and seeking flexible work arrangements can empower you to navigate this dynamic landscape and find a fulfilling career path.


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