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10 Most Amazing Restaurants In The World


Restaurants are places to unwind and enjoy delicious meals alone or with friends/family. The luxurious restaurants are usually well-furnished, with sophisticated-looking waiters ready to take your orders. However, some restaurants take their aesthetics up an extra notch. In this article, we’ll explore 10 of the most amazing restaurants around the globe known for their unique dining concepts.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the most amazing restaurants in the world:

El Diablo Restaurant (Las Palmas, Spain)

most amazing restaurants in the world
El Diablo Restaurant Las Palmas Spain

The Timanfaya National Park hosts the satisfyingly unique El Diablo restaurant. The El Diablo gives you the experience of eating food cooked over the heat of a volcano. It is the first of its kind, being the only place in the world where you can have volcano-prepared meals. Does it taste different? Well, you can answer that question when you visit Spain.

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The Snow Castle (Kemi, Finland)

The Snow Castle Kemi Finland

Your dream of dining in a castle made of snow is made a reality here. At the Kemi SnowCastle, you get a year-round experience of snow. The SnowRestaurant, as it is popularly referred to by locals, is filled with tables made of ice with seats covered with reindeer fur. This gives the dining area a unique look and relaxed ambiance. The reindeer fur-covered seat gives you that soft feel and warmth against the ice. First built in 1996, this snow fort attracts thousands of visitors yearly.

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Ristorante Grotta Palazzese (Puglia, Italy)

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese Puglia Italy

Another fantastic restaurant to be explored is the Ristorante Grotta Palazzese. This fascinating structure was carved within a natural cave in Puglia, Italy. The terrace of this restaurant overlooks the beautiful blue sea on one end. At the other end, we see the beautiful cave within which it was carved. It can hold up to 150 people with areas for reserved seats. As you’d expect, there are world-class chefs here ready to serve the most delightful cuisines in this enchanting venue.

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Giraffe Manor (Kenya)

Giraffe Manor Kenya

What is your idea of a dreamy breakfast? If it involves sharing your meal with the world’s tallest mammal, then you will love this place! At the Giraffe Manor in Langata, Kenya, you get to enjoy the beautiful safari with Giraffes coming around in the morning and evening for a treat. The manor is a reserve for the remaining Rothschild giraffes in Kenya. These giraffes’ lives were endangered as a result of an obligatory purchase of a private ranch by the Kenyan government, which was once a sanctuary to these lovely animals.

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The Green Dragon Inn (Hobbiton, New Zealand)

The Green Dragon Inn Hobbiton New Zealand

Lovers of the movie, Lord of the Rings, will be thrilled to be at the Green Dragon Inn. This inn, unarguably one of the most amazing restaurants in the world, is located in the original movie Lord of the Ring setting. During the day, take a tour through the entire Hobbiton set.

Afterward, wine and dine at the Green Dragon Inn, where all inhabitants of Hobbiton would gather and discuss the day’s event. The detail and craftsmanship put into creating this incredible culinary experience are why this restaurant is among the most unique restaurants worldwide. You don’t have to be a Lord of the Rings fan to appreciate this Aotearoan wonder. It’s a beautiful restaurant with delicious meals to be enjoyed by all.

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Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant LE-3842 (Chamonix, France)

Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant Chamonix France “LE 3842”

Known as one of the highest restaurants in all of Europe, the Restaurant LE-3842 will leave you fascinated with its breath-taking views. It is an award-winning restaurant known for its stunning setting and delightful cuisines that is located on the summit of the Aiguille Du Midi. If you ever find yourself skiing in the Chamonix, you can enjoy a beautiful meal at this restaurant as you appreciate the stunning setting of the surrounding Mont Blanc Massif.

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Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (South Ari Atoll, Maldives)

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant South Ari Atoll Maldives

We’ve dined in a cave, shared meals with giraffes, and enjoyed meals on the summit of the Aiguille du Midi. Now, we are going to dine 5 meters underwater at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives. In this underwater restaurant, you get to experience a 180° panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and fascinating its marine life. It is considered to be the best underwater restaurant in the world. There’s more to this unique restaurant than just beautiful scenery. The meals here are top-notch. The Ithaa undersea restaurant is renowned for its distinctive delightful cuisines made with local spices and a tinge of western influence. 

Northern Lights Bar at the ION Adventure Hotel (Iceland)

Northern Lights Bar at the ION Adventure Hotel Iceland

To appreciate the northern lights, we journey to Iceland, where it shines brightest. One of the best ways to bask in this magical scenery is in this beautiful restaurant as you chew on delicious meals, sipping rich wine while the lights shine bright. The Silfra restaurant and northern lights bar offers a fine blend of stunning views and delightful cuisines, making it one of the world’s most amazing restaurants.

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The Rock (Tanzania)

The Rock (Tanzania)

Located in Pingwe, on the beautiful Zanzibar Island of Tanzania, you can lounge on a rock suspended on the Indian Ocean as you marvel at nature’s beauty. In this unique restaurant, guests are served tastefully prepared seafood meals. In moments of high tide, the rock becomes an island you can sail to easily on a small boat. Meanwhile, in low tide, you can find your way to this fairy tale island on feet.

Sci-fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant (USA)

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

What could be better than enjoying a delicious meal while your favorite sci-fi movie plays on a big screen? The Disney studio in Hollywood offers this awesome dine-in theater experience. In this restaurant, the tables are shaped like cars with visible taillights that give you that “drive-in” feel. While you’re here, please try not to scream with food in your mouth when the aliens start rampaging on the screen.

Final thoughts

There you have it! A list of some of the most amazing restaurants in the world. These restaurants stand out amongst numerous others due to their unique dining concepts. So, next time you’re in any of those locations, try to visit one of these restaurants for a remarkable experience. 

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