Asia’s 12 Most Beautiful Cities

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World explorers and admirers of Asia have positioned this rundown of the most beautiful urban areas in Asia.

The mainland of Asia is an assortment of totally different nations, each with its exceptional history and culture. Nations like China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam are flooding with urban communities that attract hundreds of thousands of travelers every year.

Like Taipei, Phnom Penh, and Chiang Mai, numerous urban communities are known for the antiquated sanctuaries and royal residences that are famous investigation reasons for sightseers. Large urban communities like Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore are overflowing with social experience, while little urban communities like Goa and Hoh Xil are the ideal spot for voyagers who would prefer not to be stalled by swarms. A portion of the urban communities, like Shodoshima and the Maldives, are most popular for their inconceivable seashores.

Ian Shan’s mountains are world celebrated, also. Anyone searching for a city that has a tad of everything, from huge city culture to authentic trips across sanctuaries and archeological destinations, Shanghai and Beijing have a touch of everything to bring to the table.

Which cities are the most beautiful in Asia? Which are your favorite spots? This list shows the beautiful cities to explore in Asia

Kyoto, Japan

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Kyoto, Japan

A lot of people think the only modern place in Japan is Tokyo. Well, they are in for a surprise. Kyoto is also in Japan. At a mass of 828.8 kilometers square. Kyoto is indeed where people of all places wish to be.


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Singapore continues to the bustle of unique sceneries unavailable in any part of Asia, most especially with the numerous gardens and Sands Skypark. But never forget that the Singapore river still remains the ultimate. Singapore is about 711 kilometers square.

Seoul, South Korea

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Which Asian city is popular with both visitors and business personnel? It’s Seoul. With a blend of high-rise buildings and Buddhist worship places. It covers a landmass of about 606.22 kilometers square.

Tokyo, Japan

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Do you know the city well known for cherry blossoms, beautiful temples, and bustling urban life? It is Tokyo. Its area is about 2186.77 kilometers square.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has amazing attractions in the sky like the Petronas Tower and Kuala Lumpur Tower and underground with the Batu Caves. Its landmass is a region of about 244 kilometers square.

Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is a diamond in the Asia continent. In it, you will find Beauty, untainted. And it is continuously regarded as a center of attraction for all beauty lovers.

Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong

The city with the most beautiful skyline in Hong Kong. Apart from that, it enjoys a rich Chinese structure that is envied even on the mainland. Hong Kong, as the seventh most beautiful city in Asia, spreads for about 1105 kilometers square.

Ubud, Indonesia

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Do you know where the Gunung Kawi tomb cloisters are found? Ubud. Although a small place in Indonesia. It Beauty speaks before its size anyway in the world.

Bangkok, Thailand

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Have you been searching for a Dreamland in Asia? Bangkok is your heaven. Boasting of floating markets, exemplary structures, and even a magical atmosphere. You will always remember Bangkok where ever you go. Its landmass is about 1569 kilometers square.

Shanghai, China

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Shanghai is the biggest city in China. For any traveler finding the mixture between city life bustle and plain old simple lifestyle. Shanghai is the place. Shanghai is about 6342 kilometres square.

Bohol, Philippines.

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A few people know the Philippines, but the elect who have had the opportunity to see the Bohol heaven, have never regretted it. Bohol boasts of water bodies and landmass that would buoy even the most diminutive of travelers. It is about 4821.93

Beijing, China

most beautiful cities in asia

These twelve cities are so beautiful that you ever visit Asia and do not visit them. You haven’t truly visited Asia. But always remember when you get there. Assimilate the culture and Beauty, In order to know how to appreciate it.

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