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A Comprehensive 3 Steps Guide to Lithuania Visa Applications


A Complete Guide to Lithuania Visa Applications

Beaches lined with amber, beautiful flatlands and all-around fascinating scenery are part of the things Lithuania has to offer.

This lovely travel destination is located in the Baltic region of Europe and is home to several tourist hotspots. Lithuania’s booming economy is a good indicator for adventurous individuals seeking new investment opportunities or places to over their services.

Visitors to this travel destination are welcomed with open arms by the natives. So, whether your purpose of the visit is business, work, tourism, or study, Lithuania has a place for you. Keep reading to know more about the processes for the Lithuania visa applications.

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Lithuania visa applications, Do I Need One?

If you travel often, you are probably aware there are nations you can visit without having to apply for a visa. This exemption may also be applicable for your travels to Lithuania.

To know if your country is eligible for visa-exemption, please follow the link to check your status.

Furthermore, it might interest you to know that Lithuania is a Schengen member nation, as such Lithuania implements the visa policies of Schengen member states.

If you used the link in the preceding paragraph, then you already know if you are eligible for visa-free entry to the country or not. For those that aren’t eligible, keep reading to know how apply successfully for a Lithuania travel permit.

Available Categories of Lithuania Travel Permit 

Several Lithuanian travel permits are available for different purposes of visit. A Schengen travel permit is issued which covers Type-A and Type-C categories while Type-D travel permits are issued to individuals hoping to be in the country for a long period. More information on this is stated in the following paragraphs.

Type B

This travel permit is issued for transit purposes. It can be single, double or multiple transit through Lithuanian lands. Visitors with this permit are allowed to stay in the country for at most five days and it is valid for a duration of 6 months.

Type C

Foreigners visiting Lithuania for a short period are issued this category of permit. The purpose of visit range from tourism to business trips or any other reason that require visitors to stay in the country for a short duration. Some reasons for short-term visits are highlighted below:

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  • Business

Visitors to the Lithuania for business purposes are issued this travel permit. Holders of this document are granted a 90-day stay in the country within any 6 months. A mandatory requirement for this travel permit is an invitation letter from a Ministry/Company/Organisation in the country.

  • Tourism

Visitors from around the globe visit Lithuania for sightseeing and other tourism related activities. They are granted a 3-month stay in the country with this travel permit.

  • Family Reunion

Individuals with intentions of visiting the country to see family members or friends residing there are issued this travel document. It is required that the relative/friend resident in Lithuania writes a letter inviting the visitor to the country.

  • Study/Internship

Foreigners looking forward to completing a short course in educational institutions in the country are issued this travel document. Also, individuals who have been offered short-term internship positions are issued this travel permit.

  • Events

Visitors to the country for sporting/cultural events are issued this travel document. It grants visitors entry into Lithuania and allows them to live and move freely in the country all through the duration of the event.

Type D

Individuals with intentions of staying in the country for a duration longer than 3 months are issued this visa. The purpose of visit may range from being employed by a Lithuanian company/business to being offered admission into a Lithuanian institute of learning. For this category, applicants from visa-exempt regions are still required to apply.

General Documents Required for Official Purposes when taking the Lithuania visa applications


They are as follows:

An Application Form

Without this document, there is no application. You can obtain a copy of this document at a Lithuanian embassy/consulate to be filled in manually. The form can also be filled electronically here and downloaded to be signed and submitted. All mandatory fields must be filled with the appropriate information.

National Passport

It is pertinent that you submit a valid passport along with accompanying documents. The visa when issued will be affixed to the passport. Hence, your passport should have at least one blank page. Additionally, a validity of at least 90 days is required.


You are required to provide a recent passport-sized photo. This photos must be coloured and the setting of the image should be plain (preferably light grey or light blue). Use of glasses and other accessories that may cover the face is not allowed and the image print must be of good quality. The size of the image should be 35mm × 45mm.

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Letter of Invitation

All foreigners with intentions of visiting the country are required to produce this item. It must be issued by an individual/company/organisation/ministry in Lithuania.

Proof of Return

It is necessary that you a return flight ticket. This gives the officials at the consulate some assurance that you plan to return to your country or the third state after your visit in Lithuania.

Evidence of Secured Accommodation

Another requirement for a Lithuania visa is a proof accommodation. You must have a place you will stay during your entire stay in the country. This can be in the form of hotel reservations. If you were invited by a national in Lithuania, a letter of invitation must be attached.

Proof of Means of Sustenance

Your bank statement or a letter from a sponsor is required. This informs the officials at the embassy/consulate on how you hope to take care of your financial needs during your stay in the country.

Health Insurance

You are advised to get a health insurance coverage for your travel. This will come in handy in cases of unforeseen health challenges during your stay in the country.

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Payment of Processing Fees

It is required that you provide proof of payment for processing. Whether you paid with cash at the consulate or you made a bank transfer online, the receipt of the transaction is needed.


The digital prints of your ten (10) fingers will be collected at the consulate as you make your application. However, children under the age of 12 years are exempt from providing their fingerprints.

Where to Apply for Lithuania Visa Applications

Individuals with intentions of visiting the country are expected to make themselves available at a Lithuanian embassy/diplomatic mission for the submission of documents. However, in cases where a diplomatic mission is not available in the country of an applicant, documents can be sent through an external service provider or through a representing Schengen State member.

Please follow the link for a list of Lithuanian diplomatic missions around the world.


Amount Charged

The following are payable by applicants for the Lithuania visa applications:

  • EUR 60 for Schengen visa
  • The Schengen visa fee charged for children within the ages of six (6) and twelve (12) are required to pay EUR 40
  • Amount payable for national visa is EUR 120

Some individuals are exempt from the payment of fees. They include:

  • Infants under the age of 6
  • Post graduate students, pupils, high school/college students and the teachers  accompanying them with intentions of staying in the territory for educational purposes
  • Individuals representing charity organisations aged 25 years or younger who are participants of events organised by charity organisations
  • Individuals seeking to carry out research in the territory or planning to attend a scientific conference.

Lithuania Visa Applications COVID-19 Guidelines all Intending Travelers to Lithuania Must Follow

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, leaders all over the world placed restrictions on movement. These restrictions were imposed to reduce further spread of the deadly virus.

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At the time of writing, a nationwide lockdown has been imposed in the country to avoid further spread of the virus. This lockdown measure is set to be lifted on the 28th of February 2021.

Foreigners with intentions of visiting/ applying for the Lithuania visa applications are encouraged to reschedule their plans to a later date due to rising cases of the Covid-19 virus.

However, in cases where traveling to the country is unavoidable, foreigners are required to register with the Center of Public Health before traveling or applying for the Lithuania visa applications.

Upon arrival, all visitors are required to self-isolate for fourteen (14) days. Also, it is mandatory for all visitors to provide a negative PCR-Test result which is not older than 48hours at the time of arrival.

For more information and recent updates on travel restrictions in the country, please visit the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Some Questions Frequently Asked about the Lithuania Visa Applications

When is the best time to apply for my visa?

It is best to start the Lithuania visa applications process within six months of intended travel.

Can I visit the country multiple times with my Schengen visa?

Yes, if you hold a double or multiple entry visa, you will be allowed more than one entry to Lithuanian territory.

Can I apply for a visa if my passport validity is not up to the required duration?

Technically, No. It is required that your passport validity lasts up to 3 months after you have departed the country. However, in cases of emergency that can be justified with appropriate proof, the rules may be bent to accommodate such persons for the Lithuania visa applications.

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