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Republic of Belarus Visa Types and Requirements


To travel to Belarus, you need a Belarus visa, and understanding the Belarus visa requirements is essential for a successful application. 

The Republic of Belarus is in the centre of Europe. It is distinct because forests, meadows, rivers, lakes, wetlands, and reservoirs comprise one-third of the territory of Belarus. For this reason, the nation has rightfully been called the “lungs of Europe.”

National reserves are areas where historic plantations and landscapes are still intact. Here, you can experience oneness with nature and witness unique animals and birds in their native habitats.

The nation boasts extremely advanced medical, sports, and educational institutions. When tourists visit the Republic, they are consistently taken aback by the high standards of safety and order, the friendliness and goodwill of the Belarusian locals, and the cleanliness and order in the streets.

The question of engaging, educational leisure time is also different. There is something for every type of traveller to enjoy, whether it be historical monuments, palaces, sports venues, agritourism, ski slopes, or hunting and fishing. The recreation and development of children and adolescents is highly valued in the nation.

To begin with, you must determine whether you require a visa to enter Belarus to become a citizen before you may travel to the Republic.

Belarus’s Visa-Free Countries

Every state on the earth is refining and expanding its visa policies to include options for visa-free travel. Because of this, citizens can only travel between countries under a specific set of laws.

Belarus's Visa-Free Countries -Requirement for Belarus Visa Application (Visa Processing Documents)

In this regard, Belarus’s visa policy is quite devoted. Citizens of 43 countries can be able to enter Belarus without a visa for up to 30 days. They includes:

  1. Albania
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Argentina
  4. Armenia
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Barbados
  7. Brazil
  8. China
  9. Cook Islands
  10. Cuba
  11. Dominica
  12. Ecuador
  13. Gambia
  14. Georgia
  15. Haiti
  16. Hong Kong
  17. Israel
  18. Kazakhstan
  19. Kyrgyzstan
  20. Macao
  21. Malaysia
  22. Micronesia
  23. Moldova
  24. Mongolia
  25. Montenegro
  26. Namibia
  27. Nicaragua
  28. Palestinian Territories
  29. Panama
  30. Peru
  31. Russia
  32. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  33. Serbia
  34. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  35. Suriname
  36. Tajikistan
  37. Turkey
  38. Ukraine
  39. United Arab Emirates
  40. Uzbekistan
  41. Vanuatu
  42. Venezuela
  43. Vietnam

Why Travel to the Republic of Belarus

1. A Life of High Quality

Belarus offers a life of high quality, characterized by a blend of modern amenities and preserved natural beauty. The country boasts well-developed infrastructure, including efficient public transportation, modern healthcare facilities, and quality educational institutions.

Additionally, Belarus is renowned for its safety and low crime rates, providing residents and visitors with peace of mind and a sense of security.

2. Low Cost of Living

One of the appealing aspects of traveling to Belarus is its low cost of living. Compared to many European countries, consumer expenditure in Belarus is significantly lower, making it an attractive destination for budget-conscious travelers.

From accommodation and dining to entertainment and transportation, visitors can enjoy high-quality experiences at affordable prices, allowing them to stretch their travel budget further and indulge in more experiences.

3. Enticing Pay Scale for Highly Skilled Personnel

Belarus offers an enticing pay scale for highly skilled personnel, particularly in sectors such as technology, engineering, and manufacturing. With a strong emphasis on innovation and technological advancement, Belarus provides ample opportunities for professionals to contribute to cutting-edge projects and research initiatives.

Moreover, the competitive salaries and favorable working conditions make Belarus an appealing destination for skilled workers seeking career advancement and financial stability.

4. Closeness to Europe

Situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe, Belarus enjoys proximity to major European destinations, making it an ideal travel hub for exploring the region. With its strategic location, travelers can easily access neighboring countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine, each offering its own unique cultural attractions and historical landmarks.

Whether embarking on a weekend getaway or planning an extended European adventure, Belarus serves as a convenient and accessible starting point for discovering the diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures of the continent.

General Requirement for Belarus Visa Application (Visa Processing Documents)

You must deliver the following paperwork to your local Consular Section or representative office to be granted a visa:

  1. Application form: Complete the application form, leaving no space unfilled, to comply with the stringent requirements set by the ministry of internal affairs. Type “N/A” if a question does not apply to you. Write “none” if the response is negative. While application forms for minors should be signed by their legal agent, you should sign the document yourself. The application form is available here.
  2. A passport picture: It should be 35 x 45 mm high definition, with your entire face visible against a uniformly lit background.
    The current version of your passport must be valid for at least ninety days after you leave Belarus. Additionally, it must have at least two blank pages for the visa.
  3. The original invitation letter bears the inviting party’s signature and, if it is a business, its seal.
  4. Health insurance plan: It must have a minimum coverage of 10,000 euros and be valid for your visit to Belarus.
  5. Provide additional paperwork for your visit and the kind of visa you’re requesting when requested.
Requirement for Belarus Visa Application (Visa Processing Documents) Requirement for Belarus Visa Application (Visa Processing Documents)

Belarus Visa Types

Belarusian authorities have divided visas for foreign nationals into many categories based on the reason for and nature of their visit. The many visa categories are listed below.

1. Belarus Tourist Visa

Be aware that these visas are solely intended for use as travel permits; foreign people are not permitted to work in Belarus while possessing these visas, as mentioned by the foreign affairs of the republic.

The Belarus Tourist Visa is intended for foreign nationals who wish to visit Belarus for leisure, tourism, or recreational purposes. This visa allows travelers to explore the cultural, historical, and natural attractions of Belarus for up to 90 days, experiencing the country’s rich offerings within a limited period.

Foreign citizens must submit the following documents to obtain a Belarus tourist visa:

  1. Application form: The application must include a signed copy of a passport with two blank pages and a minimum validity period of six months. If your passport is under six months old, ensure it is valid before applying for a visa. Please be aware that there have been multiple cases when problems with a passport’s validity have prevented foreign nationals from receiving visas, according to the Belarusian diplomatic.
  2. A passport picture: The candidate must send in a passport-sized photo against a light background. Please note that this photo was taken within the last six months and features the applicant’s full frontal view with the face centred. Additionally, the traveller needs to ensure their face is expressionless in the picture.
  3. Details about the applicant’s verified hotel reservation must be sent to the internal affairs of the republic for review to comply with the visa policy of Belarus. The hotel reservation data supplied should include all information on the applicant’s stay, such as the traveller’s name, the dates of the stay, and the hotel’s name and address.
  4. A copy of the medical or travel insurance must be submitted. Ensure the insurance policy is current in Belarus and provides at least £10,000 in coverage for medical emergencies and repatriation.
  5. The application for a tourist visa to Belarus must be filled out completely. Please do not hesitate to contact globemigrant travel consultants if you have any questions regarding obtaining a Belarus visa, including the Belarus visa eligibility criteria and documentation required.

The additional documents below must be submitted if a minor needs a visa.

  1. The applicant’s birth certificate needs to be sent in.
  2. Submission of copies of the parents’ passports is required.
  3. The consent letter from the legal guardian or both parents must also be submitted.

2. Belarus Business Visa

For foreign people planning to visit Belarus for meetings, negotiations, conferences, or other business-related activities, there is a Belarus Business Visa available. With this visa, people can go to Belarus for a restricted amount of time and do particular business activities there.

Travellers planning to visit Belarus for business-related purposes and commercial sale trading are granted business visas by the government.

The necessary paperwork to obtain a business visa for Belarus is listed below:

  1. The foreign individual must submit a copy of the passport to obtain a Belarus business visa. Please be aware that this authentic, signed passport contains two blank pages and a six-month validity period.
  2. The applicant should submit one passport-sized photo taken at most six months ago. The photo should show the applicant’s face in the centre, with the head in full frontal view. It should also have a light background.
  3. An official letter from the traveller’s UK employer must be sent. This letter should cover the entire nature and intent of the visit.
  4. The applicant must submit an invitation letter from the host company in Belarus. The invitation letter must be properly signed, explaining the reason for the trip and the anticipated dates of travel, to facilitate visa support of a Belarusian host. Additionally, the Belarusian host organisation must ensure the visitor has enough money.
  5. The applicant must present health or travel insurance documentation covering their journey to Belarus. This insurance policy provides a minimum coverage of £10,000.

Exercise extreme caution and ensure all information on the visa application form is correct.

Belarus Visa Types - Requirement for Belarus Visa Application (Visa Processing Documents)

3. Belarus Visitor Visa

The Belarusian government grants visas known as Belarus Visitor Visas to foreign people who want to go to Belarus for short-term reasons such as business meetings, vacation, or family visits. Depending on the kind of visa and the intended use of the trip, this permit enables travellers to enter and remain in Belarus for a constrained amount of time, usually up to 30 days.

The necessary paperwork to obtain a business visa for Belarus is listed below, which includes a letter of visa support from a tourist company.

  1. Foreign nationals who intend to apply for a business visa to Belarus must present their original, properly signed passport. Verify that this passport has two blank pages and a minimum validity of six months.
  2. A passport-sized photo of the applicant must be sent. Applicants must ensure that the images they submit are taken against a white background and within the last six months.
  3. A letter of invitation from Belarus that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has authorised must be sent.
  4. Proof of travel insurance must be provided and must remain valid for the duration of the journey to Belarus, as required by the territory of the republic regulations. Additionally, please confirm that £10k is the minimal coverage provided for medical emergencies and repatriation. Please note that this proof of travel insurance must display all pertinent information, such as the traveler’s name, address, and phone number and the name, address, and phone number of the insurance provider.

Please make sure to fill out the Belarus visitor visa application form completely.

4. Belarus Student Visa

The Belarusian government grants visas known as Belarus Student Visas to foreign nationals who want to continue their education in Belarusian universities. Students can enter and stay in Belarus for the length of their academic program with this visa, granted by the Belarusian diplomatic mission.

A valid passport with at least two blank pages and a minimum validity period, proof of enrollment in an approved educational institution in Belarus, proof of financial support for the duration of the stay, and any other documentation requested by the Belarusian authorities are usually required in order to obtain a Belarus student visa. Upon issuance, a student visa permits its bearers to pursue full-time studies in Belarus up until the visa’s expiration date.

You can apply for a Belarus student visa if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom and intend to pursue your education in Belarus in the future.

You must submit the following documents to the migration department of the ministry to be granted a student visa for Belarus:

  1. The student’s passport, valid for at least six months, must be turned in. Please be aware that two vacant pages in this passport can be marked up. Make careful to renew your passport if it expires in less than six months before applying for a Belarus student visa, as the likelihood of it being denied for this reason alone is rather high.
  2. An image of the applicant and the size of their passport must be submitted. Please confirm that the applicant’s face is in the centre of the full-frontal view of their head, as seen in this photo.
  3. The applicant should submit a letter of invitation from a Belarusian organisation or educational institution. Kindly ensure that the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ local Citizenship and Migration Department office verifies this invitation letter.
  4. The Belarus student visa application must be filled out accurately.
  5. The student must turn in the additional set of paperwork listed below if they are under the age of eighteen.
  6. A copy of the birth certificate with the parent’s names must be submitted.
  7. Copy of parents’ passports.
  8. It is necessary to obtain consent letters from the parent(s) or legal guardian.
Belarus Student Visa - Requirement for Belarus Visa Application (Visa Processing Documents)

5. Belarusian Humanitarian Visa

The Belarus Humanitarian Visa is a type of visa issued by the government of Belarus to foreign nationals who intend to enter the country for humanitarian purposes. This visa allows individuals to travel to Belarus to engage in activities such as humanitarian aid, charitable work, medical assistance, or other activities aimed at providing support to those in need within the country.

The visa is typically granted for a specific period and is subject to certain requirements and documentation to ensure the legitimacy of the humanitarian mission, including the validity of the visa.

Foreign nationals must submit the following documents to obtain these visas.

  1. The applicant must present their passport to obtain a humanitarian visa for Belarus. Please ensure the passport has two blank pages and a minimum validity of six months before submitting it.
  2. Additionally, the applicant needs to send in a passport-sized photo.

6. Belarus transit visa

If you are travelling via Belarus on your way to another nation, you need a transit visa. The required documentation to obtain a transit visa is listed below.

  1. The applicant’s passport must be turned in. Verify that this passport has two blank pages and a minimum six-month validity period to meet the validity of visa requirements.
  2. The foreign national’s photo must be turned in.
  3. Provide proof of travel insurance that includes the traveller’s name and the insurance company’s phone number. The policy must have a minimum coverage of £10,000 and be valid across Belarus.
    Please ensure that the Belarus transit visa application form is completed accurately.

6. Belarus work visa

if you want to spend longer than six months living and working in Belarus. A long-term work visa or permit (Type-D) is required. A work permit has a one-year expiration date and can be extended for an additional year. A new work permit will be required following the prolongation for those seeking entry visa renewals. The employer will record the foreign worker’s citizenship and immigration as Belarusian in order to obtain an employment permit.

Work visa processing can take six to twelve weeks starting on the day of the application, and it often requires a checklist of documents to be fulfilled. Your spouse and children are welcome to accompany you. The passport is kept at the Embassy or Consulate for the duration of the visa application process.

The standard procedure for applying is:

  • Obtain the work contract or employment letter from the Belarusian employer.
  • Compile the necessary documents and get ready to apply for a visa through the Belarusian diplomatic mission.

What qualifies someone for a work permit (also known as a “D” Visa)?

  1. Your passport or other valid travel document must be at least six months old.
  2. An employment offer from a Belarusian employer is required.
  3. You must have current travel insurance that will cover your stay in its entirety.
  4. You have to have the necessary training or experience for the position being offered, especially when dealing with the foreign admissions division.
  5. You must have enough money to pay for your stay.
  6. You ought to be well-mannered and morally upright.
  7. You must be aware of the accommodations available at your destination.
  8. The visa fee must be paid.
  9. Depending on your nationality and country of destination, you can be asked to meet additional requirements.
    Transcript of Education (if needed).

Belarus Work Permit Document Requirements

  1. The foreign national must submit a passport with two blank pages and a six-month validity period.
  2. The applicant is required to supply a photo.
  3. In the Republic of Belarus, a certified copy of a migrant’s special employment permit is required. Please confirm that the Department of Internal Affairs of a Regional Executive Committee or the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee is issuing this job permit.
  4. The visa application form must be filled out accurately to receive a work visa.

How to Fill Out the Application for a Belarus Visa (How to Get a Visa)

Note that visas cannot be renewed. Reapplying for a new visa is required if your travel arrangements have changed after the original one was granted.

How to Fill Out the Application for a Belarus Visa (How to Get a Visa) - Republic of Belarus Visa Types and Requirements

1. Fill out the Application For a Visa

Complete the visa application form. If a question is not applicable, kindly indicate with “n/a.” Forms that still need to be completed will be sent back to the applicants by the ministry of internal affairs to ensure compliance with visa application procedures. A detailed description of the visit’s goal is required. The applicant must verify the accuracy of the information provided on the form. If this criteria is met, the application may be accepted.

2. Set Up The Necessary Documents

Original passport or travel document, at least two of which are left blank to accommodate the visa. The passport must remain valid for at least ninety-nine days after the intended departure date from Belarus.

A current colour passport-sized (45 x 35 mm) photo of the applicant should be glued or stapled to the application form in the designated area in the upper right corner. Please take note that the photo cannot have its face stapled. Pictures that have staples covering the holder’s face will not be approved. Only images that comply with the following specifications will be approved by the foreign affairs of the republic:

  1. Be captured against a simple, bright background that is well-lit.
  2. Be precise and of high calibre, ensuring the Belarus visa documents checklist for application is meticulously adhered to.
  3. Be printed onto regular photographic paper.
  4. You may show your entire face without a hat, sunglasses, or other headgear unless you have religious or ethnic restrictions.
  5. A copy of your medical insurance certificate is sufficient. The insurance must be valid for the entire duration of your stay in Belarus (it should be written Belarus, Europe including Belarus, or Worldwide). Ten thousand euros is the minimal amount that the medical insurance will cover for foreign affairs of the republic. Make an online insurance reservation.

3. Extra records

Depending on the kind of visa you’re looking for, you may also need to provide the following supporting documentation with your application:

Frequently Asked Questions About Belarus Visas

1. Do Nigerians Need a Visa to Visit Belarus?

Yes, Nigerians typically need a visa to visit Belarus, unless they are eligible for visa-free entry under certain circumstances.

2. Does Belarus Have an Embassy in Nigeria?

Yes, Belarus maintains an embassy in Nigeria. It is located in the capital city of Abuja.

3. Do You Need a Visa to Go to Belarus?

Yes, most travelers need a visa to enter Belarus. However, there are exceptions for citizens of some countries who are eligible for visa-free entry or can obtain a visa on arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belarus Visas - Republic of Belarus Visa Types and Requirements

4. How Much Is the Belarus Visa Fee?

The Belarus visa fee varies depending on the type of visa being applied for and the applicant’s nationality. It is advisable to check the latest fee schedule on the website of the Embassy of Belarus or the Consulate.

5. How Can I Get a Belarus Visa from Nigeria?

To obtain a Belarus visa from Nigeria, you typically need to submit a visa application to the Embassy or Consulate of Belarus, along with the required documents and applicable fees.

6. How Long Does It Take to Get a Belarus Visa?

The Belarus visa validity period application can vary depending on factors such as the type of visa and the volume of applications received at the national airport. It is recommended to apply well in advance of your intended travel date.

7. What Documents Are Required for a Belarus Tourist Visa?

The documents required for a Belarus tourist visa may include a completed visa application form, a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, proof of travel arrangements, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, financial documents, and any additional documents requested by the Embassy or Consulate.


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