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The Complete Guide To Belarus Visa Application


Have you ever dreamt of visiting the Republic of Belarus for tourism, study, or business purposes? Then, you will need a Belarus visa to gain entrance into the country. This guide would lead you through the nitty-gritty involved in acquiring a Belarus visa. Read through, share, and drop a comment.

Which countries are visa-free to Belarus?

The Republic of Belarus permits foreign nationals from specific countries to stay and visit the country without visas. However, there are durations limiting stay for foreign nationals of these countries.

Some of these visa-free countries are:

  • Brazil
  • Cuba
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Russia
  • Qatar
  • Macao
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Venezuela
  • Serbia

You can check other permissible countries that are visa-free to Belarus here

However, the government of the Republic of Belarus currently made the country visa-free for citizens of any country to stay within 30 days. However, this travel is restricted strictly through the Minsk National Airport. The current policy does not cover study, work, business, or other long term purposes.

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For more terms regarding this visa-free travel, check this link

Types of Belarus Visa

There are three broad categories of visa that can provide you entry into the Republic of Belarus:

  • Short term visa: valid for 90 days
  • Long term visa: valid for one year
  • Transit visa: valid for two days

Belarus Visa Application Process

Before applying for the Belarus visa, you have to decide on the type of visa that suits your visit. After this, you can then proceed to the rest of the application process:

  • Fill the Belarus visa application form
  • Collect the required documents
  • Pay the Belarus Visa fees
  • Book an appointment with a consular officer
  • Attend the interview with hard copies of your application and documents

·        Fill the Application Form

For the updated and recent version of the Belarus visa application form, visit their official website. Select a preferred language to fill the form in, and you’d immediately gain access to the PDF version of the form. Fill out the application form and print out the filled form. Subsequently, you would need it for a meeting with the consular general.

·        Collect the required documents

Generally, the representatives of the country from which you are applying for the visa will tell you the necessary documents for submission. However, you should have these documents ready when appearing for the interview:

  • 2 Passport photographs
  • 1 Foreign travel document
  • Copy of completed visa form
  • Visa support documents (different for long and short term stay)
  • Medical insurance contract
  • Any other document required by the consulate

·        Pay the Belarus Fee

The fee for an individual visa is 60 euros, irrespective of the kind of visa or the number of entries. On the other hand, for a group visa, the consular fee to be paid is 10 euros per head. The visa fee for foreign nationals below 14 years of age is free of charge.

However, for specific nationals and residents of Estonia, Poland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, and Serbia, a different fee rate might apply.

The screenshot below shows a list of the consular fee for these exempted nations. 

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·        Book an Appointment

Locate the nearest Belarus consulate to you and book an appointment with them.

Any Belarus embassy located in your country has an official website containing all the necessary booking information. From booking an appointment, visa application submission without pre-booking, meeting timing to phone numbers for pre-booking.

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·        Attend the Interview

When going for the interview with the Belarus consular in the consulate, ensure you take all your documents and the filled visa application form. You might have to submit the original passport and other documents for verification and processing.

On an average, it takes five working days for the consular to process your visa and provide your visa status. The consulate officer takes the decision based on the documents submitted and the result of your interview with the officer.

The consular officer possesses the right to reduce the number of visa entries or even the validity of the visa.

In the event of being denied a visa, you might not know why your visa was rejected. The consular officer is not under any obligation to tell you why he declined your visa application.

On Arrival in Belarus

Upon arrival at the Republic of Belarus, you can travel freely across the country’s territory. However, few places are out of access to some persons, and you might need a special permit issued by the authorized bodies. An example of those areas is the border zone and borderlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my visa is denied, can I get a refund of my processing fee?

In the case of visa denial, the processing fee paid in the consulate is non-refundable. The visa fee paid for processing is used for its purpose during your application and cannot be refunded. Approval or denial of your visa is the outcome of processing.

How do I extend my term of stay in Belarus?

If you intend to extend your stay in Belarus, you need to consult the local unit of Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior. You can also follow this process if you are applying to obtain an exit visa, a residence permit, and an exit-entry visa.

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COVID19 Restrictions on Belarus Visa Travel

The Belarus border has been closed due to the increasing spread of the virus at the time of writing this guide. The government of Belarus recently reviewed entrance restrictions into the country. Currently, specific countries have been marked as red and green zone countries. To confirm what zone your country is on the list, check here

Foreign nationals of these red countries and other stateless individuals have to go through a monitored quarantine period of ten days. During this self – isolation period, foreigners cannot leave the country.

Individuals who traveled through these red zone areas have to provide a document that proves that they didn’t stay in the country for more than a day.

However, foreign nationals from green zone countries have to present a coronavirus PCR test, which dates back to at least 72 hours before arriving at the Belarusian border. This testing might not apply to citizens or foreigners from green zone countries with a residence permit.

Other restrictions and exemptions concerning specific countries and Belarus visa travel can be found here.


From tourism to business, the Republic of Belarus has a lot to offer tourists and potential visitors. Thanks to growing opportunities in this country, many individuals are visiting the European nation every year. With our detailed guide, you would find it easier to navigate the process of obtaining a visa in Belarus.


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