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Express Entry: Canada Invites 4,750 CEC Candidate


The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration procedure issued by the Government of Canada and is managed by their Federal Express Entry System. This procedure is specially made so that non-Canadian employees or craftsperson can quickly, easily, and legally settle in Canada. Some processes are started to ensure that the employee or craftsperson is easily given a permanent residency can become a full citizen of Canada’s country. This applies to skilled certain employees or craftspersons who have lived and worked in Canada for at least a year. Their Government does this to encourage talented employees or craftsperson to stay permanently so that the country can benefit from their Expertise. This allows the employee or craftsperson to integrate, settle, start families, and start laying down roots in the country. This is done with Express Entry.


Express Entry is a procedure whereby some entities who have formally indicated their interest in permanently settling in Canada are fast-tracked through the process of getting their Canadian citizenship. Being CEC contenders bring with it some advantages, and some of the benefits of being a CEC contender are:

  • Being a Canadian Experience Class contender gives you extra Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) points for your Canadian Expertise.
  • Canadian Experience Class applications are usually processed very quickly.
  • Entities applying with the Canadian Experience Class are not usually required to show proof of funds.

To be eligible for the CEC, here are some prerequisites that would have to be fulfilled.

express entry
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  • The entity should have at least a year one working expertise within Canada’s country in the last three years. The work should also have to be performed while having a valid work permit, and the job has to be classified as a skill type A, B, or O by the National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • The entity has an added advantage if he/she has earned an educational degree or certificate from a Canadian institute or have completed a foreign qualification.
  • The entity must undergo an approved reading, writing, listening, and speaking test.
  • The entity should be legally allowed into Canada and should not have any outstanding warrants or legal issues preventing Entry into Canada.
  • The entity in question would also be willing to live anyplace in Canada except for Quebec’s province.

Invitations for Express Entry and Canadian Experience Class are usually issued by the Federal Government of Canada yearly and during a particular year; it is done at more than one interval.

As of January 7th, 2021, the Canadian Government issued 4,750 invitations to Canadian Experience Class (CEC) contenders. During the January 7th draw, the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System accepted was not below 461 points.

express entry
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During the January 6th draw, the minimum score accepted was a score not less than 813 points. Within this January alone, Canada’s country has issued invitations to apply for a Canada Expertise Class to 5,000 people. Last year, which was 2020, the Canadian Government issued Invitations to apply for the Canadian Experience Class to 107,350 people (which is a record number), even though the year was very bad brought about by the corona-virus pandemic. The former record of Invitation to apply was set in 2018, with the number being 89,800.

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