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Extensive Guide To Andorra Visa Application


Andorra, known officially as the Principality of Andorra, is a beautiful country located in Europe.

It is bordered by France to its and Spain to its south and headed by both the Bishop of Urgell, Catalonia in Spain, and the Republic of France. Andorra la velle is the capital of the country as well as the biggest city.

As of 2020, Andorra was home to about seventy-seven thousand people. Catalan’s official language, though French, Portuguese and Spanish are still common languages spoken in the country.

It is a tiny country surrounded by big, powerful countries that have made most people often overlook it. The truth is that Andorra has its magic. A visit to Andorra will be worth your time. It stands out because of its beautiful sights to behold.

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Tourists can feast their eyes on the gorgeous lake and mountain of Estanys de Tristania. Sports lovers will like Vallnord, mountainous resort renown for biking and skiing. People who prefer winter sports can visit Grandvilara, famous for its alpine skiing and winter sports.

Travelers can, at the end of the visit and stay, get souvenirs from Andorra la Verra, where patronizers can shop value-added tax-free. Andorra also offers water lovers various attractions in their lakes, especially Lake Engolasters, a glacial lake that presents the chance to embark on walking tracks.

Wildlife lovers and bird watchers also don’t miss out as there is a Natural Park Wildlife. Hikers also get to enjoy themselves as the Sola Irrigation Canal Trail is the perfect location for hikers.

For those who are not really into the beauty of nature, and prefer more man-made sights, the excellent and exceptional architecture of Sant Joan de Caselles quenches that thirst.

Tourism makes up 80% of Andorra’s gross domestic product.

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Entry Into Andorra

To gain entry into Andorra, you will need to own a visa, depending on your stay’s length.

Andorra’s government does not enforce or make compulsory visas for foreigners coming into the country, only a European union membership card.

Because Andorra can only be entered through the Schengen parts of its neighboring countries, France and Spain, the Schengen visa rules are applied.

Andorra is not a Schengen Area member, so travelers must possess a multiple entry visa to enter the Schengen area again when exiting from Andorra.

Andorran Residency Permit

Outsiders who want to reside in Andorra exceeding ninety days must get a residence permit. This can be done by going to the Andorran Immigration department and acting accordingly to the instructions and guidelines. There are benefits and advantages to being an Andorran citizen; wonderful health and medical system, very low-income tax rate, low cost of living, excellent resorts, and a social network of community members.

Applicants can access two available options; Active residency and permanent residency.

Active Residency

This is required for individuals who have their jobs, work full-time, or work on a seasonal permit.

To work in Andorra, as a self-employed individual, in an organization, or a company, or want to want a local company, there is a need to obtain an active residence permit. This allows one to reside in the country and look for employment opportunities.

Passive Residency

For foreigners who wish to live and reside in Andorra for the past 90 days but do not want to work with a local establishment, they will have to get a passive residency permit.

Applicants are still required to make contributions and investments in the nation, although it varies, primarily dependent on the category and class of passive residency one picks.


Seasonal And Temporary Workers

This is mainly for Foreigners and outsiders who wish to work on Andorra for just a season or temporarily, without having to undergo the hassle and stress of getting a visa or put in for a permit.

The tourism sector of Andorra has made provisions for people like this. Companies, especially large nature resorts like have made providence for outsiders to work and dwell in Andorra during Winter.

They have made contracts that bind a temporary work permit to a seasonal worker.

For the entire period of the contract, the worker is allowed to live and work in Andorra. Immediately, the contract ends, though. The worker has to leave the country once the season is over.

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Seasonal workers gain entry into the country just like tourists. The only difference is that any permit of stay issued is fleeting, and to apply for an employment opening, workers must make available all their legal documents.

Temporal workers can extend their stay if they get another offer of employment that can help them get active residency.

Type of Visas That Andorra Offer

Andorra offers different types of visas. They include:

  1. Tourist Visa: This is for travellers whose purpose and intention of visiting Andorra is for pleasure and leisure reasons like relaxing with your family and friends or taking in the magnificent beauty of Andorra’s many scenic views. An application for a tourist visa has to be made. It takes a period of ten to fifteen days for the processing of the visa. No tourist visa, however, is necessary for stays not up to 90 days.
  2. Business Visa: Individuals or groups of people looking to grow and expand their business franchise, attend business or trade seminars and meetings, finalize a deal or contract, will require a business visa. The organization or company one intends to visit has to release a letter indicating the reason and purpose of one’s intended visit and the period one intends to stay in Andorra. It takes a period of ten to fifteen days for the processing of the visa.

Prerequisites for Andorra visa.

Visitors who intend to obtain an Andorran visa must possess the following documents:

  • A valid passport or Identity card. It has had a six-month validity beyond the period of intended stay. It must also have, no lesser than, three blank pages.
  • Two duplicates of the passport of the visa applicant. It must contain the address of the applicant.
  • Two newly taken snapshots. They must be coloured and have a white background.
  • A copy of the verified flight ticket. It must contain details of the flight to the country and the return flight home.
  • A filled application form for an Andorran visa that bears a valid signature.
  • A letter explaining the reason and purpose of the intended stay.
  • An original bank statement. It must bear a stamp and must possess records of the last six months.
  • Income tax returns for the last three years.
  • Proof of accommodation: Applicants must provide evidence of lodging for their entire stay in the country.
  • Itinerary of Travel: This must contain all the details of their entire visit, the elements, and intricate details.
  • Financial Insurance: Applicants must own a minimum of thirty thousand euros, which is valid for the entire time of their stay.

Andorra Electronic Visa Application

People looking to visit Andorra can obtain their visas online. Applicants have to begin the visa on arrival procedures. This is carried out by just filling an application form online in just a few minutes. Applicants then receive a document that is valid to take with them on their trip. After arriving at Andorra, applicants give the document to travel officials and receive their visa on arrival in return.

Documents needed for E-Visa Application

  • A valid passport
  • A photo of the applicant: Applicants should provide a recently taken coloured photo
  • A Business cover letter: If you are on a business trip, you must have evidence of your business registration and intending plans.
  • A valid payment method: You should own a credit or debit card.

Andorra Visa Prerequisites for Nationalities

United States of America:

American citizens do not require an Andorran visa provided the period of their stay does not exceed ninety days. However, they require a passport, which must still be valid after six months of entry into the country.

American citizens making the trip to Andorra for business and work reasons must, however, possess:

  •  An original and legal passport with at least one empty page
  • Evidence of Onward and return trips
  • Letter of business support or Registration of conference and meetings

It is advisable to put in for an Andorran visa as early as one or two months ahead of your intended travel period.

What to do on Arrival in Andorra?

On Arrival in Andorra, applicants will need to:

* Put forth their travel papers for confirmation by Andorran Immigration officials.

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* Make certain they do not have prohibited items or goods that will cause them to be stopped by Andorran Custom Services.

People intending to travel to Andorra do not require vaccination to enter into Andorra. No vaccinations of new arrivals are also required.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Travelers are advised not to go to Andorra. However, if one must travel, one is implored to:

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  • Undergo testing before making the trip. Passengers waiting for their results, whose test turns out positive or down with sickness, cannot travel.
  • Use a face mask during their travels and wash or sanitize their hands regularly.
  • Maintain social distancing.

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