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Fremont Area Community Foundation Accepting Scholarship Applications


Scholarship applications are being accepted by the Fremont Area Community Foundation on its external website from February 15 through Tuesday, April 18, 2023, at 10:00 AM Central time. The Foundation will automatically evaluate applicants for each scholarship for which eligibility is satisfied if they submit a single application.

The prerequisites for admission to different educational programs, such as undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate, dietetic internship, dietetic technician, and others, differ. Although it is not necessary to be an Academy member to apply for Foundation scholarships, it is highly recommended as all but two Foundation scholarships need Academy membership.

About the Fremont Area Community Foundation Scholarship Applications

Many named scholarships may have additional conditions, such as living or attending school in a particular state or belonging to a specific affiliate, member interest group, or dietetic practice organization. Also, here are 20 scholarships for international students expiring dec 2024

See the lecture recording “Foundation Scholarships: Setting Yourself Up for Success” for advice and insight from educators and students and learn more about the application process for Academy Foundation scholarships. Before early August 2024, all candidates will get an email about their scholarship status.

Scholarships are offered to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing post-secondary education and to seniors in high school who choose to continue their education at a university, community college, or vocational/technical school level.

Applications for scholarships are accepted online via the Fremont Area Community Foundation website. The gateway is open every year from February 1 to April 1

Because of the kindness of others, the Community Foundation is the home of nearly 700 funds. Because they love this town, Newaygo County residents have joined us for decades to affect an uncertain future. Let’s go back to the beginning of it all!

About the Fremont Area Community Foundation

The Fremont Area Community Foundation started in 1933, during the worst of the Great Depression, when two forward-thinking donors decided to alter Newaygo County’s destiny permanently. A fund to help Newaygo County’s general well-being was founded with a gift of $5,700 from the estate of Harry Williams. The same year, Jacob Andrew Gerber made a $31,000 legacy to fund charity endeavors. Their deeds of kindness were ageless and appropriate during a time of hardship.

Following Mattie Gerber, Jacob Andrew’s widow, contributions to her husband’s fund in 1944, prominent local lawyer William J. Branstrom combined the monies from Harry Williams and the Gerbers with his own. Branstrom is well-known for his charitable giving and community involvement. In 1951, Frank Gerber, Horace Loomis, Dick Pikaart, Herman Schuiteman, and Branstrom established the Fremont organization, a private organization, with the use of these monies.

Fremont Area Community Foundation first employee was Bessie Slautterback, a determined special education teacher appointed as Executive Secretary, or as we should say, executive director these days. She guided the Foundation with intelligence and perseverance for over twenty years. She strove to get support from the community while promoting the arts and education.



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