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Guide: 7 Best BBQ Spots in Houston


7 Best BBQ Spots in Houston

Scattered strategically around the town are several restaurants with various enticing recipes. Still, there is no doubt that the ‘many are called but few are chosen’ phrase can come into play when picking the best BBQ spots in Houston, Texas. So, to save you the stress of driving around town and asking many questions, We have carefully selected and laid out Seven (7) of the best barbeque restaurants in Houston, Texas.

Somewhere in the Southeast of Texas is ‘The Big Town of Houston,’ situated in the central part of the state. One of the many things this place boasts of is its amazing barbeque restaurants that’ll have you begging for more. Taking a tour around the town of Houston without visiting any of these restaurants to have a taste of their grills is almost impossible (except, of course, you’re a Vegetarian).

Not hoping to exaggerate, but their mouth-watering recipes will find you scrapping your plate and coming back multiple times to join the long queue of fellow ‘Houston BBQ Captives.’

That said, let’s take a look at the best BBQ restaurants in Houston, TX.

Best BBQ Spots in Houston

Killen’s Barbecue

Killen's Barbeque
Image source: Killen’s Barbeque

Owned by Norman’s Executive Chef Ronnie Killen, this restaurant is one of the most popular around town and accredited for its ‘Killer brisket menu.’With different interesting choices to pick from (offering options of Brisket, Pork, and Turkey), their grill menu contains worthy picks for every expectant customer. In addition to their ever-satisfying grill menu, this restaurant offers other delicious treats like cakes, pudding, and tasty fries. A walk in here is an assurance of full satisfaction.

Website: Killen’s BBQ

The Pit Room

Barbeque Platter from The Pit Room
Image source: CN Traveller

Loved for its homey feel and frequently visited by the native barbecue fans, this is one good restaurant to enjoy a barbecue time with family. A feast at the restaurant begins from feeding your eyes to filling your stomach. Originally owned by Michael Sambrooks, they boast of quality ‘Handcrafted Barbecue’ with deliciously prepared side dishes to compliment the warm delight. Other side attractions include their House-made chicharrones and potato chips, Mustardy potato salad and creamy Cole slaw, Creamy Mac-and-Cheese, and many other standard meals. With so much to offer, it is obvious why The Pit Room is one of the best BBQ spots in Houston.

Website: The Pit Room

Pinkerton’s Barbecue

YouTube video

This is the traveler’s barbecue spot, being the place where most persons seeking a first taste of Houston barbeque are referred. With its comforting vibe, the restaurant welcomes new flocks of newbies and out-of-town visitors daily, enticing them with new recipes of delicious goodness to catch up with. They offer properly handled grills, including Pampered brisket, beef ribs, a variety of pork, and glazed chicken. All these are served proportionally with complementary sides based on demand. They also offer in their menu delicious cakes with sweet toppings.

Website: Pinkerton’s Barbecue

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Harlen Road Texas BBQ

As the name implies, this restaurant is found along the Harlen road off the town of Houston. However, a bit far from town, a drive to this place is worth the long wait. Managed by the Chief Chef, Ara Malekian, this restaurant offers natural taste-inspired recipes for barbecue. They offer naturally flavored pork, lean meat, and brisket. Other side dishes include Chocolate chip cookies and bread puddings.

Website: Harlem Road Texas BBQ

Gatlin’s BBQ

If you’re a lover of homemade food, a Visit to Gatlin’s BBQ restaurant will be a good choice for you. It is a family-owned restaurant managed by Greg Gatlin and his parents. And the spice of ‘Home’ added to its menu draws a lot of barbecue lovers to their part of town. From well-cut and layered brisket to well-seasoned sausages, various delicious grill choices make their menu one of the best in town.

And of course, the Chef’s mother’s chocolate cake is something you’ll love to try.

Roegel’s Barbecue Co.

Image source: Houston Chronicle

Are you looking for where to get the best Barbecue Sandwich in Town?

Say no more; Roegel’s BBQ will blow your mind. This place is the best stop to get an amazing sandwich, made with either meat or brisket and severely layered with as much pastrami you can ask for. Other grills on their menu are also things to look forward to having on your plate with interesting sides to pick from. They also offer family meals to allow you to enjoy this goodness with your loved ones.

Feges BBQ

Owned by the couple Patrick Feges and Erin Smith. This Barbecue restaurant is one choice to make when looking for a mixture of traditional and classic. Combining their love for food and a heart for the people, this couple works together to give one of the best Barbecue recipes in town. They offer trendy recipes and a fresh taste of smoked meats. Their variety of sandwiches (chicken, baked potatoes, and brisket) is something to look out for.

Other interesting foods on their menu include sweets, greens, and delicious options for your kids.

Go Have a Taste!

We have kept our promise, and now you know seven of the best BBQ Spots in Houston. Now, it’s up to you to decide where to start. What will it be, Killen’s or Gatlin’s? It doesn’t matter where you choose to start; you are bound to have a mouth-watering experience. So, book a date today to visit any of these BBQ spots in Houston.

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