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How to Apply for a Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit)


The Malta Digital Nomad Visa, also known as the Malta Nomad Residence Permit (MNRP), aims to lure remote workers and digital nomads to the country. Digital nomads can now enter Malta and travel around Europe with the Nomad Residence Permit (NRP).

Many professionals dream of living and working remotely from an exotic location. As a digital nomad, your office may be wherever you want it to be a beach in Bali, an apartment in Mumbai, or a villa on the Mediterranean Sea.

Malta stands out as the best option among potential places for digital nomads worldwide. This island country provides digital nomads with an affordable lifestyle, access to the EU, beautiful scenery, seaside living, a vibrant expat community, and, most crucially, a dedicated digital nomad visa.

This post focuses on the Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Malta Nomad Residence Permit) application process.

Eligibility requirements for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

To qualify for Malta’s digital nomad visa, you must meet a number of requirements, including work, income, and health insurance. Meeting all eligibility requirements is critical to a smooth application process and acceptance.

A third-country national, excluding the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. Nationals from Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela (or anyone with close ties to them) are currently disqualified. Additionally, applications from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus are now ineligible. The list of prohibited countries may be changed from time to time by the agency at its discretion.

1. Remote Employment (Work Remotely)

First and foremost, you must demonstrate that you operate remotely for a company, own a successful international firm, or work as a freelancer for foreign clients. Applicants seeking to provide in-person services in Malta will be ineligible.

 Eligibility requirements for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa -How to Apply for a Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit)

You must additionally establish that you belong to one of the three categories listed below:

  1. Employed: working for a foreign-registered employer under an employment contract.
  2. Self-employment entails doing commercial activities for a company registered overseas in which the applicant is a partner or shareholder.
  3. Freelancing: offering freelancing or consulting services to clients based in a foreign country with whom the applicant has a contractual arrangement.

2.  Minimum income threshold.

A minimum income is required to be eligible for the Nomadic Residence Permit. You must earn €32,400 per year (gross), regardless of the number of dependents you have.

Employment, contracts, freelance labour, or business ownership are all acceptable sources of income as long as they are earned outside of Malta.

3. Valid passport.

Like any visa application, you must have a valid passport that will be valid for the duration of your stay in Malta. Ensure that your passport contains at least two blank pages for the visa sticker and stamps upon arrival.

4. Proof of Accommodations

While optional, if accepted, you must provide documentation of lodging in Malta that covers your full stay. This can be accomplished through long-term property rental or leasing agreements. Hotels, hostels, and short-term rentals are not permitted as habitational accommodations.

5. Health insurance coverage

Private health insurance coverage is required during your stay in Malta. Once accepted, you can either use a foreign insurer or acquire coverage from a Maltese provider. The minimum policy coverage should be €30,000.

Step-by-Step Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit) Application Procedure

Now that you’ve learned the eligibility requirements, let’s go over the whole application process and documentation you’ll need to get your Malta digital nomad visa approved.

1. Collect and prepare all required documents for the application form

After you’ve confirmed that you meet all of the eligibility requirements, you may begin gathering supporting documentation for your Nomad Residence Permit application.

Here are the important documents you will need:

  •  Passport: Copy of the biometric information page and any visa documents.
  • Proof of Remote Employment: This might include:
  • For remote workers: a letter from the employer.
  • For business owners: registration of business
  • For freelancers: signed client contracts.
  • Bank Account Statements: The last three months of statements show steady revenue.
  • Health Insurance Proof: Coverage paperwork demonstrating international or Maltese policy.
  • Accommodation Contract: Lease or Rental Agreement in Malta (given after initial clearance).
  • Other Documents: Employment History, Qualifications, and Health Declarations
  • It is strongly advised that you use a checklist to collect and prepare all necessary documents for your visa application.

Step-by-Step Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit) Application Procedure - How to Apply for a Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit)

2. Complete the Malta Digital Nomad online visa application

Once you’ve prepared all of your paperwork, it’s time to submit your digital nomad visa application online. The application form can be found on the official Malta Nomad Residence Permit website.

The application is submitted by email to [email protected], along with supporting paperwork. A checklist of paperwork can be found here.

The application will ask for your biographical information, employment information, health declarations, and supporting documentary uploads.

Before completing the application, double-check all of the information you’ve entered and ensure that your documents are clear and eligible.

Applications must be typed in, not handwritten.

3. Pay the digital nomad Visa application fee.

The application process requires you to pay a non-refundable €300 administrative charge. This must be paid by direct bank transfer, which you can initiate once your application is received.

Payment details will be sent once your application has been submitted and verified. The application review will not begin until this fee is received; therefore, make the transfer as soon as possible.

4.  Wait for application form approval.

Once you have submitted your complete digital nomad visa application and the administrative cost, your application will be reviewed and approved.

The typical application processing period is around 30 working days. During this time, Residency Malta and appropriate government agencies will review your eligibility, conduct background checks, and confirm all papers you have supplied.

You will be contacted via email once a decision has been made on your Nomad Residence Permit application. To ensure that you receive this critical approval letter, do not change your email address after applying.

6. Collecting Your Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit) After Approval

If your Nomad Residence Permit application is approved, you will need to complete a few stages before receiving your visa.

Submit the remaining documents.

After being accepted ‘in principle,’ you will be required to furnish the following:

A signed property rental or purchase agreement must cover the entire length of visa validity.

Valid health insurance policy covering your stay in Malta with a minimum coverage of €30,000

Once filed and accepted, you will be notified of the final approval and the following procedures for visa issuance.

7.  Biometric Appointment and Visa Paperwork

All nationalities must have their biometrics taken at the Residency Malta Agency. This brief, in-person procedure entails obtaining fingerprints, pictures, and digital signatures.

First, a letter of final approval will be issued. If you require an entry visa, the Central Visa Unit of the Identity Malta Agency will contact you to assist you with the process. Applicants that are accepted can apply for the premium visa service.

Once in Malta, the applicant must email the Residency Malta Agency to set up an appointment for biometric capture. The residence card will take between two (2) and three (3) weeks to be issued. Once the card has been issued, the applicant will be contacted via email and instructed to collect it in person from the Residency Malta offices, bringing their passport with them.

Maltase Digital Nomad in Malta Application fee

The application process requires you to pay a non-refundable €300 administrative charge. This must be paid by direct bank transfer, which you can initiate once your application is received.

Payment details will be sent once your application has been submitted and verified. The application review will not begin until this fee is received; therefore, make the transfer as soon as possible.

Why Apply For Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit)

1. Vibrant Expat Community

Malta has built a vibrant community of transplants and digital nomads from all over the world. It’s easy to find other laptop-toting travellers to collaborate and socialise with. Coworking spaces and networking events help people make contacts.

2. English-speaking population

Unlike several other exotic destinations, Malta has two official languages: English and Maltese. You can navigate daily conversations without encountering an intimidating language barrier.

Why Apply For Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit)-How to Apply for a Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit)

The process of Renewing your Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Malta digital nomad visas are initially valid for one year. However, you may renew your Nomad Residence Permit up to twice for a total stay of three years.

Renewals are subject to continuous eligibility and are granted at the discretion of Maltese immigration authorities. Here’s a summary of the renewal procedure:

Malta Nomad Residence permit Renewal Timeline

You should submit your renewal application at least 45 calendar days before your existing visa expires. This avoids any lapses in your legal resident status in Malta.

It is your duty to have a valid visa at all times. Immigration officials recommend applying 60 days or more in advance, if possible.

Digital Nomad Residence permit Renewal Duration

After your original one-year digital nomad visa expires, you will be awarded renewal permits for consecutive one-year periods. You cannot extend your stay for a shorter period of time; all renewals grant an additional 365 days.

Digital Nomad Residence permit Renewal Eligibility

To be eligible for renewal, you must continue to meet all regular programme conditions for remote work and minimum income. You must also provide confirmation that you lived in Malta for at least 183 days during the preceding visa period.

Providing this data, as well as proof of continuous qualifying conditions, is crucial for a successful renewal approval.

Useful Websites for Malta Digital Nomads to Work Remotely

Nomad Residence Permit: Malta’s government portal offers digital nomad visa information, including requirements, applications, and payments.

  •  Visit Malta, the official tourism website for Malta, where you can learn about its attractions, culture, events, and trip planning.
  •  WikiTravel Malta is a guide to Malta’s locations, transport, lodging, and safety.
  •  Nomad List Malta is a digital nomad website that profiles Malta’s cost of living, wifi speeds, recreational activities, and more.

Useful Websites for Malta Digital Nomads to Work Remotely How to Apply for a Malta Digital Nomad Visa (Nomad Residence permit)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Who is qualified for the Malta digital nomad visa?

Eligible applicants must:

  • Establish remote jobs or freelancing with international organisations.
  • Earn at least €2,700 each month.
  • Provide various documents, such as a passport, health insurance, a housing contract, and bank statements.

EU citizens cannot apply. For further information on other exclusions, consult the official rules.

How long does it take to be approved?

It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to get accepted after submitting a comprehensive application with the necessary papers. The process entails background checks.

Can I bring my dependents to Malta?

You may include dependents, such as a spouse or children, in your original application. The minimal income requirement grows with the number of dependents.

Can I travel around Europe on this visa?

Yes! Once granted, the permit allows you to travel to other Schengen countries without a visa for 90 days out of 180.

 What happens if I am rejected?

If your digital nomad visa application is rejected, you will be notified by email. Unfortunately, specific reasons for rejection cannot be disclosed. You may reapply after 12 months.

 Can I work for a local company or complete freelancing assignments in Malta?

No. According to the visa, you can only give remote services to organisations and clients abroad. You are unable to participate in the local Maltese economy.

Is the Malta Digital Nomad Visa right for you?

If you match the eligibility requirements and Malta appeals to you as a remote work destination, the Malta digital nomad visa offers a fantastic option.

Malta has a lively expat community, which is one of its main draws. You’ll be able to network with other digital nomads and remote workers from all around the world who have made Malta their temporary home.

With bright weather practically all year, marine activities, wonderful cuisine, tonnes of history to discover, and English-speaking locals, you’ll never be bored after work. For further assistance and consultation visit.


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