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Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship For International Masters Students -2021/2022


The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Program (QECS)

  • Scholarship awarding body: The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars
  • Host Institution: Recognized Master’s Universities In average-Income Commonwealth Countries
  • Deadline: 18th of January 2021

This is a rare and distinctive opportunity to pursue a two-year master’s degree in a commonwealth country of low or middle-income.

This opportunity is designed for students who are committed to building up a difference in their communities. The opportunity is set in place to build a life-changing prospect and experience life outside your regular confinement, enabling you to expand your scope with a long-lasting global network across the continents. Avail yourself to be part of this excellent opportunity.

Through a means of academic partnership and cultural interchange, the commonwealth scholars have brought about a positive change with solutions to collective questions we have been asking ourselves over the years.

Requirements for applicants for the 2020/2021 Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarship program

The commonwealth scholarship scheme is an international program, and all applicants are expected to apply in a country that is not originally their country of citizenship (home country). Applicants should apply only in a university found in the shortlisted commonwealth countries to benefit from the QECS scheme on or before Monday the 18th of January 2021, 16:00 UTC.

Application Requirements

  • personal details
  • Academic records 
  • Engagement records 
  • Complete detail for the choice of course at host university
  • Uploading of supporting credentials 
  • Aptness and eligibility
  • Variety of statements.
Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship
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Requirements for statements:  

Prospective applicants of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarship are required to write a study statement. There are three ways to these statements; these are:

STUDY PLAN (200 -400) words

The Queen Elizabeth commonwealth scholarship scheme offers exceptional opportunities to study abroad in most leading universities for a master’s degree in a low and middle-income commonwealth country.

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Your statement should provide an answer to the following questions:

  • What are the results when researching your chosen university?
  • How is the course chosen important to your future career plans?
  • What are your reasons for choosing this course at this institution and in this country?
  • What are the features of the course you find interesting?
  • Lastly, justify how your preceding experiences and studies make you an appropriate candidate for this course.

Development impact and post-study outreach (300-500) words

The queen Elizabeth commonwealth scholarship is for students who pledged to initiate a change in their communities. Scholars will be wholly supported for them to advance their knowledge and skills, to when applied to their career, they can contribute concerning solutions in the society comprehensively.

The statement should take the following arrangement

  • Applicants are expected to describe briefly one or two challenges in their country that they would like to address.
  • How will the selected study help you contribute towards a solution to this challenge?
  • What skills do you anticipate gaining from this study?
  • And in what way will you use the skills acquired from the program to impose a change in your residential home?

Sustainable development goals (150-200) words

Which of the UN sustainable development goals does the course you are considering align to? (you can select one or more).

How will your proposed study contribute to this sustainable development goal(s)?

Creating connections (networks)(200-400) words

The QECS program provides an opportunity to welcome new cultures, learn different perspectives, and enhance collaboration at home and throughout the commonwealth nations.

When writing your statement, you should consider the following questions:

Enlighten how you have developed networks through work experience, academic studies, hobbies, etc. 

To achieve impact from your scholarship, what connections do you need to eliminate this goal?

In what way will you start to develop these networks (connections) throughout your study period?

Worth of Scholarship

  • The tuition fee is fully sponsored.
  • Research support fully granted (on request only)
  • Sponsored flight to the host country
  • Scholarship sponsors return ticket
  • Funded allowance for students living expenses throughout the program
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Application Website: Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarship official website


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