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Taipei Unique Experiences: The Asia’s Ambassador


Taiwan is a country with a unique and colorful history, and Taipei, the vibrant capital, offers an array of Taipei unique experiences that vividly showcase this rich cultural tapestry. Its parks and infrastructure intricately narrate the story of the country and its heroes, providing visitors with a compelling opportunity to embrace the various aspects of the Taiwanese culture.

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is home to two landing spots. They are the Taipei Songshan Airport and the Taoyuan International Airport.
These airports serve the city of Taipei and the northern parts of Taiwan. But, Taoyuan International Airport is the largest of Taiwan’s five airports, as well as a major hub for international flights.

When exploring Taipei, a must-visit destination for Taipei unique experiences is the National Palace Museum. This institution serves as an excellent introduction to Taiwanese culture and history, prominently showcasing a vast collection of Chinese artifacts.

These precious items were transported from Beijing to Taipei by the Nationalist Government during the Sino-Japanese wars. Remarkably, these artifacts were not repatriated to China following the Nationalist Government’s loss in the Chinese civil war, making the museum a fascinating repository of cultural heritage.

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Another must-see is the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Park. This building highlights Chinese architecture and is a popular recreational park for visitors.

Theater and music lovers can visit the National Concert Halls and the National Theater, also in the park. There are usually Taichi sessions held by various groups every morning and afternoon. You could join in, if they let you in, of course.

Another Taipei unique experience lies in the Taipei 101, a building that proudly held the title of the world’s tallest building from 2004-2010. No trip to Taipei is truly complete without marveling at this iconic structure, comprised of five underground floors and 101 floors above the ground.

The Taipei Zoo is one of Asia’s largest. It has many of Taiwan’s flora and fauna as it hosts many animals like the koala, kangaroos, and African wildlife in general.

In the Wenshan district of Taipei, is the Maokong highlands. If you are a tea enthusiast, you will enjoy this place.

Taipei plays host to various events ever year. The Taipei Traditional Market Festival, Taipei International Trade Fair, Computex Taipei and the Taipei International Travel Show, are a few of them.

There are also many traditional festivals celebrated each year in Taiwan, including Chinese New Year, Traditional Taiwan Day, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival, to mention a few.

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