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The Top 5 Countries for US Citizens to Apply for a Second Passport


The concept of second passports has been heralded as a sign of several advantages, both social and economic, in this world of endless choices. There is something for everyone here, regardless of their goals in life—be they financial diversification, to live and enjoy the world’s jewels and natural marvels, or something else entirely.

The idea of having two passports or dual citizenship was unthinkable and strongly disapproved of by nearly all nations fifty years ago. But as time and progress have gone on, the value of unrestricted immigration between nations has been recognised, leading to the emergence of a more accepting perspective.

The five countries where obtaining a second passport is easiest for US citizens are covered in this article.

5 Best Countries for US Citizens to Apply for a Second Passport

1. Mexico

This Latin American nation is a real hotspot for American expatriates, drawing them in for a variety of reasons such as its moderate cost of living, accessible medical care, and lovely climate. Furthermore, it’s among the simplest nations for US citizens to obtain a second passport.

The procedure for citizenship by descent is incredibly easy and affordable. A kid of Mexican heritage can become a citizen in six months for less than $100 if one of the parents is. Furthermore, anyone of Latin American heritage is eligible to apply for naturalisation. A permanent residency permit can be obtained instantly upon presenting documentation of a blood relative from Mexico or Latin America; after two years, this permit can be converted to citizenship.

2. Spain

Spain stands out as one of the nations where US residents may receive a second passport the quickest through its residency-by-investment programme, as it is another European nation that recognises dual citizenship with the US.

A person with a Golden Visa is able to invest a significant sum of €500,000 and keep it that way for five years. After five years of continuous stay in the nation, one can apply for permanent resident status, which can be converted to citizenship after an additional five years.

3. Dominica

Dominica is a gorgeous addition to the many other stunning Caribbean islands, and it’s a simple choice for US citizens looking to get a second passport. The nation’s citizenship-by-investment initiatives provide a quick and simple route. In approximately four months, eligible investors may obtain a Dominican passport with an investment of $100,000. In fact, Dominica is the top nation for citizenship by investment, according to the CBI 2024.

4. Malta

This nation in Southern Europe has grown to be a popular location for people to get a second citizenship, drawing individuals from all over the world, including Americans. The Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations (CES), also known as the citizenship-by-naturalization programme, places Malta among the greatest and most straightforward choices for US citizens looking to obtain a second passport.

To learn more about the application process and the required documents to apply for a visa as a Digital Nomad, here is a Malta Digital Nomad Visa documentation, requirements, and application guide.

As per this programme, citizenship is awarded to eligible investors in a time frame of 12 or 36 months, contingent upon the contribution of €600,000 or €700,000 to the national development fund of the government.

5. Portugal

The nation is at the top of our list of the nations where US citizens may obtain a second passport the simplest, despite not having a direct citizenship programme. The Golden Visa, Portugal’s citizenship-through-residency-by-investment programme, is regarded as one of the finest since it has an incredibly low physical presence requirement—just seven days a year. Nonetheless, a rudimentary command of the national tongue is required.

The programme requires a €250,000 investment followed by a two-year stay. After one, three, and five years, residency must be renewed; after five years, citizenship may be obtained. Portugal stands out as one of the greatest choices for getting a second passport as it offers a good standard of living.

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