UNIL Masters Scholarship in Switzerland 2021/2022

Grant Description

The University of Lausanne Master’s degree in Switzerland (UNIL masters grants in Switzerland for foreign students) offers the UNIL Master’s Grants on a competitive basis to international students who wish to pursue a Masters’s Degree at the University.

The grant is to successfully enable international students to pursue their desired and respective careers in Switzerland. The host institution and funder of the grant is the University of Lausanne. However, this grant is targeted at all International students. 

UNIL Masters Scholarships in Switzerland 2021/2022
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To successfully apply for the UNIL Masters Scholarship in Switzerland grant, you have to note the following; 

  1. You must have obtained a foreign university degree considered equivalent to a bachelor at UNIL before the beginning of the masters programme at UNIL.
  2. You must have distinguished yourself during your studies, especially through particularly brilliant academic results.
  3. You must have a language level of at least B2 (according to the European Language Portfolio global scale) in French or English according to the language in which your chosen masters is taught.
  4. You must not  be a past applicant.
  5. To have paid the CHF 200.00 administration fee 

Value of the Grant

The UNIL master’s grants in Switzerland for foreign students grants are for the minimum statutory period of the program chosen by the student. It amounts to CHF 1,600 per month from 15 September to 15 July (or 10 months a year) for the complete duration of the masters (one and a half years or two years depending on the chosen masters), with the exception of cases of definitive failure after the first year.

Students offered a scholarship will be exempt from the fixed registration fees for the courses, with the exception of the CHF 80.00 fees to be paid each semester. 

Application Deadline

You are expected to send in your applications for the UNIL Masters scholarship in Switzerland on or before the 1st of November, 2021. Send in your applications on time to avoid delays and other distractions.

How to successfully apply 

To apply for the UNIL master’s grants in Switzerland for foreign students, you must send your completed application with required documents, unbound, by post at the university’s address.

Also, it is important to read the UNIL Master’s Grants FAQs and visit the official website here, to access the application form/list of attachments.

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