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Applications For The University Of Alberta Scholarships Are Currently Ongoing For 2021/2022 Session


University of Alberta scholarships

  • Scholarship awarding  body:  Alberta and Canadian Government
  • Host institution: University of Alberta
  • Deadline: 1 November 2020, March 2021,  1 May 2021

Description of scholarship

The University of Alberta scholarships are open for high achieving local and international students. This fully-funded scholarship opportunity aims to foot the academic bills of the students who are not financially buoyant enough.  The University of Alberta scholarships focus more on superlatively intelligent students from poor backgrounds. This scholarship aims to contribute to honing and harnessing individuals’ talents and potentials with limited resources to develop their skills and career. The University of Alberta scholarships are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students from all disciplines.  High students, especially from poor backgrounds who want to study on scholarship at the prestigious University of Alberta, are advised to apply. The scholarships feature Bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. students.

The University of Alberta ranks 5th in the country and 117th in the global rankings. The university admits over 39,000  local and international students from over 150 countries.  The university was established in 1908 and has since then been so instrumental in giving students world-class university education.

Most of the university of Alberta scholarships do not need a separate application. In most cases, the moment you are offered admission to the university, you will automatically be considered for the scholarship.

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Eligibility Requirement

  • Undergraduate students applying for this scholarship must have valid high school certificates.
  • International students must possess a study permit to qualify for this scholarship.
  • Master students must have a Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized university.  
  • Doctoral students must have the requisite credentials required for this scholarship.  
  • International students must present proof of English proficiency.
  • Eligible countries: Open to both local and international students.  
  • Gender restriction: No gender restriction.  The Alberta university is open to all.
  • Age Restriction: No age specification.

Value of scholarship

The value for the Alberta university scholarship varies according to the category of the scholarship. The university offers a vast array of scholarships to local and international students. Below is the valley of the scholarship by categories:

Entrance scholarships

Beneficiaries for this scholarship do not need to apply. It is at the discretion of the university to enlist you for this scholarship the moment you are offered admission. The beneficiaries of this scholarship include Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. students.  This is a fully sponsored scholarship program.

International Students

The beneficiaries of this scholarship are undergraduate international students. Eligible candidates for this scholarship ought to have a resident student permit. Students are entitled to the sum of $9000 annually for four years.

Gold  standard scholarship

This scholarship is merit-based. Students with excellent academic performance are offered this scholarship. This scholarship is offered to five percent of the total number of students.  Beneficiaries of this scholarship are entitled to $6,000.

Doctoral recruitment scholarship

The scholarship is meant to help Ph.D. students pay their school fees.  Beneficiaries of this scholarship are entitled to $5,000 per year.

Master Entrance scholarship

The sum of $17,000 will be disbursed to students to support their academic pursuits.  International students will have an additional benefit of $10,000.

Graduate excellence scholarships

 The beneficiaries of this scholarship are masters and Ph.D. students.  The benefiting students are entitled to $15,000 to support their academic pursuits.

You can visit this page to know more about undergraduate scholarships.

For detailed information about the postgraduate scholarship, Visit this page.

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Application instruction

The application process for admission to Alberta University is online. Applicants are advised to visit the application portal and submit their applications.

To get detailed information about this scholarship, visit the official website.


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