How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon

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A weekend Getaway guide to Lisbon, Portugal

Do you want to explore the beauty of Lisbon, Portugal, in three days? Let us be your guide! We can show you how to make your weekend in Lisbon a memorable one. We have provided some of the exciting things to do in Lisbon whenever you visit Portugal. If you are pondering on including Lisbon, Portugal, to your list of places to visit, this article is for you. Hopefully, we may make a case on why this Mediterranean city must be on your list.


Where to Lodge

These are the factors you need to consider when choosing where to lodge.  Do you want a serene environment that will give you perfect tranquility and comfort? In that case, you have to choose a hotel around these two famous Lisbon’s renowned districts:  Baixa, a downtown neighborhood, and Chiado (the shopping neighborhood). The Alfama and Barrio Alto are some of the most beautiful city sections with distinctive architecture and beautifully decorated streets. So, if you need a busy and boisterous city that will boost your morale and keep you motivated, booking your accommodation in this part of the world will give you the ecstatic feeling that you had always yearned for.

Below is a list of some of the most exotic and budget-friendly hotels you must look out for when visiting Lisbon.

1.      The Independent hotel

the independente hostel and suites 0 How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
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This happens to be one of the most classic hotel resorts in the region that will give you the comfort and pleasure you cannot get anywhere else. With prices starting at $38, the cost of booking accommodation in this hotel is budget-friendly. The facilities are also impressive for a hotel of that price. Their room categories range from lesser priced dormitory rooms to the more expensive superior double room.

2.      Brown’s Central Hotel

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The location of this hotel will give you easy access to the city.  The world-class services this hotel offers guests have earned them lots of positive reviews from customers worldwide.  The hotel’s unique selling point is based on the fact that it is neat, well-furnished, and equipped with ultramodern facilities and budget-friendly. Prices start at $55 a night.

3.      Hotel Vincci Baixa

Hotel Vincci How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
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The hotel will give you easy access to the old town.   The Unique selling point of this hotel is that the service providers are ever ready to offer premium services to their customers anytime their services are needed. The hotel possesses sophisticated facilities exuding a classy ambiance missing from the other two hotels on this list.

What to Do in Lisbon

Do you find yourself a bit confused trying to sort out most of the interesting to do during your weekend in Lisbon? If you are dynamic and adventurous, there are a lot of exciting things to do

A Cruise around Barrio Alto & Alfama

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Image Source:

These two districts constitute an older part of the city with well-furnished buildings, neatly tiled and decorated to meet global standards. The glamour and beauty of the city will leave you spellbound. You are permitted to explore the city by visiting the most exciting places around this city’s epic city.

Pamper yourself and give yourself a treat

Give your self a threat How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
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After a long stressful day of exploring the city, you will have to pamper yourself and give yourself pleasure. Go to one of the best restaurants and treat yourself to a sumptuous meal. There are a lot of exciting dishes that you cannot afford to miss while visiting Lisbon. In case you are drained by the stress of the day, you can book massage therapy to enable you to relax well.

Go shopping

woman 3040029 1920 How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
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There are many exciting and budget-friendly goods and services you can buy if you are a foreign national; there are many affordable goods to purchase and give out as souvenirs.  Avenida Liberdade provides you with affordable clothes and outfits. There are a lot of beautiful dresses and outfits to buy if you want to change your wardrobe.

Where to Eat

There are a lot of interesting Portuguese dishes to try out when you visit Lisbon. The tantalizing smell of these delicious delicacies alone can whet your appetite and take you to the peak of fantasy and keep you craving for the food until you finally taste it. Have you heard of the legendary Portuguese pastry popularly called Pastel de Natas?   If you have not tasted it yet, you have missed a lot. Portuguese dishes are rich in nutrients as most of them primarily consist of seafood (octopus, shrimp, and others).  You will undoubtedly find yourself addicted to Portuguese dishes when you taste them because of the delicious dishes. The Portuguese culinary skills are second to none. Portuguese meals are better savored slowly and with a bottle of chilled water or preferred cold drink.

Another interesting thing to note about Lisbon’s restaurants is that they are not open for dinner until 7:00 pm. So, cheers to a new schedule. Are you thinking of where to buy your meals?  Here is where you can purchase the best Portuguese delicacies.

1.      Dear Breakfast

Dear Breakfast How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
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If you are looking for a clean restaurant with breathtaking furniture, world-class facilities, and yummy meals, then Dear Breakfast is undoubtedly the best place for you. The list of food on the menu is irresistible as you might be tempted to order for more than one dish to have a taste of the sumptuous meal on the menu.

2.      The Decadente Restaurant

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If you are a local dish lover, then Decadente restaurant is the best place for you.  But if you are looking for a dish of your choice outside the local dishes and cuisines the restaurant offers, you must visit the Insolito. One unique selling point about the Decadente Restaurant is a standard bar and a conducive environment to catch massive fun.

3.      Time out Market

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Image Source:

This restaurant provides premium services to its customers.   They prepare one of the best local dishes in town. Their meals are served fresh and hot.  It is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon by all standards. Meals here are better enjoyed in the company of friends.

Where to Drink

The funfair and adventure will not be complete without wetting your throat with some chill liquor to boost your morale and take you to the peak of pleasure. Here is a list of some of the interesting to order for your drink.

The Insolito

The Insolito How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
Image Source:

This is one of the best places to have a perfect cocktail and brew. This beautiful arena doubles as a bar and a restaurant. It is a rooftop bar on top of the independent restaurant.

Portas Do Sol

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Image Source:

If you are one who likes to enjoy admiring Lisbon’s beautiful scenery as you wet your throat with chilled drinks, the Portal Do Sol is a perfect place for you. You can order your brand of wine and take a sip of it while you sit and explore the beauty of the city.  As you take a panoramic view of the town, feel free to get lost in the ecstasy of fantasy.

Ensaio Amor

y4m6GULpZ9XtBQrRw4j53hAtdt qO YTbMEwU4XpURPhp4 7J3n6ZKcPINoarsECuJJ N7Elv91ADKyWdxO wEV0cuT2 61I0tKgPlIE5UaUcLfRx8pA1Ru2h0JYffTp3v4YUxH bYAgsQYyLsYu9uAX MS7Ck1UqJlraFLJt9uma0yTQJIY04C9i5Nm eABejv How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
Image Source:

The Ensaio Amor was once a brothel. The decoration and antiquated design epitomizes this past.  The interior decoration consists of red and antique posters of parody dancers.

Embark on a day trip to Sintra

Embark on a day trip to Sintra How To Spend Your Weekend In Lisbon
Image Source:

A visit to this beautiful city will give you the best moment of your life.  Embark on a short train voyage from Lisbon to this phenomenal city and take yourself to the peak of ecstasy with the city’s beautiful scenery.  This day trip to Lisbon is sure going to be the most memorable day trip of your life.


Was this guide helpful to you? Your travel experience matters a lot to us. That is why we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to make every second you spend in this phenomenal city count.   A weekend in Lisbon without visiting a few places and engaging in a few of the activities highlighted above will likely be boring.  This guide should help you make the most out of your Lisbon weekend.

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