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10 Incredible Things To Do When You Visit Palau


Why Should You Visit Palau?

If you have been asking why you have to visit Palau, we’ve got the answers. Let me tell you whyPalau – this Island nation in a remote part of the earth – is a rare combination of nature’s beauty ranging from the unique ecosystem to clear blue lakes and giant monoliths.

Here are reasons why you should visit Palau.

1.  Excellent weather all year round

If you’re looking to spend some time away from the freezing snows of Europe or the dusty harmattan of sub-Saharan Africa, then Palau is the ideal place for you. The island nation has warm and lovely weather all year round, which is perfect for tourism. Don’t you think a sunbath in the sandy beaches of this beautiful country would be a more than satisfying experience?

2.  A chilling view of the Pacific Ocean

If you fantasize about taking a long, deep breathing and safe gaze at the Pacific Ocean, visit Palau, your fantasy will become a reality. Hotels in Palau overlook the Pacific Ocean, and they provide a safe and convenient place to gaze at the ocean to your fill. You will also have the liberty to stroll near it and take a closer look at the biggest body of water on earth.

3.  Friendly locals

You wouldn’t want to miss out on Palau’s delightful people. They are very inviting and always willing to assist.

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7 Incredible Things To Do When You Visit Palau

1.  Diving Exploits

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Diving is at another level in Palau. In short, Palau is a paradise for divers. There abound a host of tourist organizations who stop at nothing to provide a wide variety of extraordinary diving exploits around the archipelago. Exploring the numerous underwater lives and coral reefs would be an unforgettable experience.

2.  Jellyfish lake

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what do you think of swimming in a jellyfish lake?There’s a lake in Palau that is full of jellyfishes. These jellyfishes, however, are not powerful enough to harm humans. So all you need is a snorkel, and you are good to go.

3.  Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

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There’s an even more daunting spectacle in Palau – The Rock Islands Southern Lagoon – it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2012. This lagoon is an extraordinary assemblage of Coral reefs, plants, and creatures.This site is a global tourist attraction.

4.  Ngardmau Falls

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Perhaps you can visit Ngardmau for a once in a lifetime hiking experience.Ngardmau houses Ngardmau Falls, Palau’s tallest waterfall. It is found in Baldedaob, Palau’s main island. This is a hotspot for hikers who yearn for a beautiful hiking experience.

5.  WWII relics on the island of Peleliu

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You may be interested in reaching the island of Peleliu. This little Island in Palau was the ground of fierce fighting during World War 2, and as such, the island is filled with war exhibits like damaged tanks and fighter jets or caves used for shelter during the war.

6.  Stone Monoliths

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In Ngarchelong, Palau, there are 37 stone monoliths – the biggest among them weighs 5 tons. Many of these mysterious monoliths have faces carved on them. Nothing is known about who built them and when they were built, but experts have proposed it built in 100AD.

These mysterious monoliths have become a significant attraction to tourists worldwide.

7.  Palau National Museum

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Established in 1955, the Belau national museum is the oldest in Micronesia. This historical center is quite possibly the leading social site in the nation. It showcases all sorts of Palauan arts. It is recommended that you spend quality time here

However, only a Palauan visa will give you access to all the goodness of Palau. Let’s guide you on how to apply for it.

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