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10 Trends That Are Most Likely To Shape The Hospitality Industry In 2021.


What is the hospitality industry?

It is made up of virtually all organizations that are deal with customer comforts and handle recreational necessities rather than primary ones. The hospitality industry is vast and includes services like temporal housing, planning of events, theme and parks, transportation, and other tourism services.

2020 was a year that rocked the entire world at large, not just the hospitality industry. Covid-19 reared its ugly head, and several companies all over the world took a severe financial beating.

Times are changing, and many hospitality units struggle to keep pace with the change. Below are ten ways in which they can regain their footing in 2021.

1. Increase in the level of sanitation and personal safety

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With the Covid-19 pandemic threat still very potent, temporary lodges (hotels and motels) must increase the seriousness of their cleanliness and sanitation. There should be a level of extra sanitation of every room and surface. The Covid-19 protocols should also be appropriately implemented and carried out; Wearing of nose masks, regular and proper sanitation of hands and surfaces but most especially social distancing.

2. Upgraded Technology

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Due to social distancing, meetings and gatherings can no longer hold. Those that must hold need to be planned appropriately. Units need to provide online menus and beverage service, payment options that do not require physical contact, quick response codes, and bar code scanners from passing across information from the management to the customers seamlessly. Unavoidable physical gatherings should be properly monitored. There should be an accurate distancing method between each person. Customers should also be able to check-in electronically to avoid contact with the employees.

3. A move from Indoor to Outdoor spaces.


Leisure activities, Gatherings of all sorts are now enjoyed more outside. More people seem to prefer the outside because not only does it drastically reduce the chances of the virus being passed across, but it brings people closer to nature. Simple activities outside gives that certain sense of freedom that most people seem to lack.

4. Variety

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Most people love having various choices. Our wants and needs change at points in time. The crucial way to stay ahead is to have a wide range of products that customers can easily choose from. It could be towels, cuisines, TV programs, cutlery, even curtains, and lights. It could just be an ordinary customer service too. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

5. Consistency in all fields

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Give reliable and dependable choices to your customers. People love it when they know that they have consistent decisions. From food to confectioneries to daily services, dependability is vital.

6. Local Relevance

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Ever since the pandemic hit the world, a more significant number of people have started turning to their local hospitality units. Most have refused to travel long distance for leisure and recreation, which have led to a massive increase in the numbers of local bookings. Most at the moment, consider personal transportation as the safest form of transportation. Hotels must therefore increase their visibility and make themselves known, especially on the Internet. This could be achieved by using locally produced products, local cuisines.

7. Health and Wellness packages

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The majority of people who go to hotels and hospitality units do so to relax and unwind. Sports and other recreational activities provide a window for them. Yoga and meditation are also beneficial for fitness activities. Games should be provided for the children. Spa packages can be made available for the females while the men would enjoy a fully stocked gym. Swimming pools and other forms of relaxation are highly recommended. Indoor games like scrabble and chess could also come in handy for those who remain to stay inside.

8. Exclusive experiences and Personalization

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Make sure to personalize your services. Hotels must focus on the individual needs and desires of their customers. Detailed feedbacks should be gotten from each customer. Hotels should create events and services special to them alone. They should come up with exclusive content that is one of a kind. This would quickly help them in 2021.

9. A new structure and outlay

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There is no denying that 2020 had a very severe financial implication on the industry. Keeping an eye on the flow of cash is very important. Also, quick adaptation to the new health protocols would also bolster hotels this year. Hotels might have to deal with a shortage of funds and resources.

10. Affordability


While this year was challenging for all in general, it is essential to note that most have not financially recovered from the sting. Provisions for high quality but also affordable services should be provided. Hotels must learn to add value without increasing the general price of their services.

Most importantly, Hotels must learn to make the right choices and prioritize their customer satisfaction.

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