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A Comprehensive Guide to Algerian Visa Application 2021


For numerous centuries Algeria, a North African country, was governed by the Roman Empire, which created several colonies. Just like other north African countries, Algeria was one of the breadbaskets in the empire. It exported cereal and other agricultural products overseas.

Algeria, officially known as the Republic of Algeria, is a country located along the Maghreb region of North Africa. Algeria is considered the tenth largest economy globally behind Kazakhstan, before Congo, with 2,381,741 square kilometres. It has a population of 44 million, the ninth most populous country in Africa.

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Algeria is bounded to the east by Libya.  To the west by Morocco,  to the south by Niger and Mali,  and to the north by the Mediterranean sea.  Algeria hosts most of the Saharan desert, a country with semi-arid geography,  with the Sahara dominating most of the south. On the other side, the northern region is where most of the country’s population habits because of the fertility present there.

Algeria is considered the hottest country globally due to its arid geography, which makes it predisposed to severe climate changes. Most of its population consists of Arab-Berber, the ancient inhabitants, and Ottoman empires. The Islamic religion is predominant here, and Algerian Arabic is used as the official language, while French serves as an administrative and academic language. This is because the French colonial empire (France) was the last colonizer of Algeria before gaining independence on 5th July 1962.

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Apart from being large scale exporters of farm produce. Algeria is naturally endowed with other resources, ranks as the second largest in Africa, and the ninth-largest reserves of natural gas.  It is the largest economy in North Africa, largely dependent on energy exports.

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Algerian owned Sonatrach. A national oil company is the largest company in Africa that exports copious quantities of natural gas to Europe. Algeria also boasts of owning the largest military might in Africa and makes the largest budget concerning defence. It is a member state in many world unions, including Arab League, United Nations, Arab Maghreb Union (a founding member), and OPEC.

Travelers are expected to prepare for short & rapid changes in climate. The temperature here ranges from a full year heat period on middays in the desert region,  chilly and cold nights, to clear, dry air that permits heat loss.  Rainfall is only fairly rampant along with the coastal parts: Algerian ergs or dunes cluster between mountains.  Climate changes in Algeria adversely affect the country, causing bouts of water shortage and quick drops in sea level.

However, vegetation in Algeria is rampant in coastal areas, in the mountainous and grassy desert-like regions. Wildlife, like Jackal, gazelle, boar, foxes, leopard, and Saharan cheetah, are all species that are sparsely available in these regions. Different species of birds make Algeria an attraction for bird lovers.  Notably, many animals are now extinct, like the crocodile, Benbay lions, and Atlas bears.

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Algeria is seen as a country of the upper middle class, according to estimates of the World Bank. It has Dinar (DZD) as currency and means of legal tender. Algerian economy largely depends on petroleum. Though there had been a shortage of tourism facilities, visitors can now heave a sigh of relief as many hotels of the modern high standard have been built since 2004.

Interestingly, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Algeria includeQal’aBeriHammad, the Hammadi Empire’s first capital; Roman ruins of Djemila and Timgad;  M’zab Valley,  a limestone valley rich in a large oasis. And TassiliA’jjer, a mountain range.

Algerian women constitute over 70% of Algerian lawyers and 60% of its judges. Women also dominate the medical field, meaning they contribute to the Algerian economy and educational development more than men. Cuisines in this country are rich and diverse due to how the country is seen as Rome’s granary.  Most dishes here are cooked with cereal and sausage.

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Algerian Visa Policy

An Algerian visa will be granted to all visitors who have to first apply at any of the Algerian diplomatic missions. However, citizens of some exempted countries are allowed visa-free entry. A visitor must possess a passport valid for six months to visit Algeria.

Citizens of these selected seven Nations, including refugees, can stay up to 90 days in Algeria, in so far, their purpose of the visit is for business or tourism. They are Libya, Mali, Morocco, Malaysia, Arab Democratic Republic, Seychelles, and Tunisia.

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Free visa and eligibility

Visitors with diplomatic and/or service passports of the following countries may travel without a visa. For those with diplomatic & service passports, the exemptions are Albania, Poland, Argentina, Belarus, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Guinea, Kuwait, Niger, Oman, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela.

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Those with diplomatic passports only:  African, Union states, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Vietnam.

Indian citizens with diplomatic and service passports had to wait longer as the visa waiver Concord signed was not yet put to use. This may have changed by now.

Algerian Visa application procedures

Like in other countries,  Algerian visa processing time depends largely on the applicant’s nationality and the visa type. In most cases, visas submitted personally are ready between 5 to 7 working days.

General requirements

  • Duly  completed and signed tripartite visa application forms
  • Applicants should input valid details while filling out the forms as any incorrect information provided may lead to disqualification
  • Original passport and a photocopy valid for at least six months
  • Three recent passport size photographs, to be attached to the three applications, respectively
  • For business/work visas,  a letter from the current employer is needed.
  • Visitors who are revisiting only need to provide photocopies of the previous visa.
  • Kids traveling alongside parents do need a visa irrespective of their age. Should they use their passports to travel,  regular visa application procedures follow. But if the kids are on their parents’ passport, just two photographs will be needed, in addition to the parent’s application.
  • Payment is to be made into a designated account (check: application) for the account details. Note: Payment via bank cards (credit card or western union / personal cheques will not be accepted.
  • Passengers with courier items have to arrange for external courier service as the Embassy has since ceased accepting money for couriers
  • The Embassy does not accept applications made through fax. It denies being responsible for any loss of documents sent by courier service.
  • The Algerian Embassy is not liable for any delays caused by the late submission of documents by courier/ visa service companies.
  • The maximum period of stay is 180 days/ yearly. But visitors are to leave before the expiration date
  • Work visas are only meant to apply for work.
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E-visa and requirements

Algerian e-visa is solely for business and tourism. To obtain one,  you need:

  • Usable passport
  • Debit and credit card
  • Current email
  • Must be a citizen of an eligible country
  • Aside from personal details, you will have to answer Security questions and give your previous travel history.
  • If by any chance, your passport expired during the process of application or gets lost, stolen, or masticated, before entry,  you have to reapply for an e-visa using a new passport. You will be required to print out a copy of the eVisa once it’s received for presentation at border control.

Types Of Algerian Visa

There are over 12 different Algerian Visa. However, this article will list out five most issued ones

  1. Student Visa: applicants who intend to study in Algeria need to provide their confirmation of enrollment in said institution, evidence of payment of tuition fee,  evidence of sufficient funds for studies, and accommodation.
  2. Work visa: this is issued to nationals of foreign countries with provisional work authorization (APT) legalized by the services in charge of employment in Algeria and a certificate issued by the employer to undertake full financial responsibilities for the repatriation of such foreign worker. The visa was introduced in April 2004.
  3. Tourists visa: Requirements are evidence of accommodation duly certified by local authorities or a confirmation of hotel booking, or invitation from an Algerian travel agency, and a repatriation ticket.
  4. Medical visa: visitors in this category are to get a letter of confirmation from the hospital and proof of fee payment.
  5. Diplomatic visa: applicants are expected to tender the diplomatic passport, a formal letter stating the purpose and duration of stay.
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Covid-19 restrictions

Traveling may increase the chances of getting infected or spreading the same. If you must travel;

  • Get tested (1-3 days before the trip)
  • During travel, wear a mask
  • Maintain all other covid19 guidelines in your resident country
  • After traveling back, get tested again and stay indoors for seven days (or ten days if not tested)
  • If any symptoms are felt, stay quarantined and monitor your health.
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