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Timeless Luxury: Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers


There is something about living somewhere steeped in a very rich past. You seem to be creating a page in a history book, yet with all the contemporary embellishments one loves in the twenty-first century. Some of these historic hotels for modern travelers, are constantly elevating themselves.

People nonetheless moved, whether for trade, recreation, or pilgrimages, even if travel in the past was far more difficult. They also wanted a good bed, a decent food, and a safe environment. Some of these historic hotels for modern travelers survived the turbulent events of history and still provide shelter and food, however without sacrificing contemporary conveniences.

Plan your next vacation with a night at one of these old hotels and get the opportunity to see carefully cultivated history come to life.

These historic hotels for modern travelers are attractions in and of themselves, deeply ingrained in centuries-old history, not only places to stay. From palaces to royal homes, these luxury hotels offer first-rate conveniences while conserving their historic legacy for guests of today.

Many tourists have as their aim staying at one of the most famous hotels on earth. While some holidays are about all the destination, when a hotel is nothing but a bed to roll into after a day of touring, it’s very different for these locations of accommodation.

There are then those holidays where the hotel is the destination. There is no need to venture outside these hotels since, with their centuries-old legacy, they are the attraction. Castles became luxury hotels, palaces changed to offer glitz to the non-royalty, monasteries rebuilt into five-star resorts, and ancient hotels still hosting guests with status years later.

These famous hotels let you experience the grandeur and splendour of the past, where luxury blends with history for a stay to be remembered. and we are going to share details about them here with you.

1. De L’Europe Netherlands

Built on the banks of the Amstel in the centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, De L’Europe Amsterdam opened in 1896. Few would challenge it as among the most famous hotels worldwide. Dutch designer The Nicemakers redesigned De L’Europe in 2020 adding modern conveniences while maintaining its legacy.

The aim was to create a classic and recognizable interior. Opened in the same year, “t Huys, the creative wing combined Dutch luxury art and design. Today, the two Michelin-starred restaurant Flore is run by executive chef Bas van Kranen situated within the heritage hotel itself.

De L'Europe Netherlands-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

2. The Gritti Palace

It could be argued that The Gritti Palace is among the oldest hotels globally that’s why there is a claim about it being the most luxurious of all the other hotels in Venice based on its traditional design which talks about many years back.

The Gritti Palace is said to have been designed for the Pisani family under the Venetian Gothic style back in 1475, but it was later transformed into a dwelling unit for Doge Andrea Gritti in 1525.

The Gritti Palace has entertained visitors such John Ruskin and Ernest Hemingway for extended stays over the years as well as provided accommodation to Vatican diplomats and foreign dignitaries.

The Gritti Palace-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

3. Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

An Old French Lodge converted to a Historic Hotel, Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac was Commissioned by William Van Horne, President of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac was commonly known as Château Frontenac and was part of his scheme to establish a chain of elegant hotels adjacent to the company’s new railway lines for its train passengers.

However, since 1893 an 18-story chateauesque structure, the hotel has edged beyond being just a train station hosting United States Presidents, British Prime Ministers as well as Kings and Queens from across the globe and has itself turned into a notable destination.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

4. Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

The Mandarin Oriental Group owns a few ancient lodges worldwide, but among them The Oriental, Bangkok is the most renowned and one of the oldest. It was built when Bangkok was still called Siam in the 19th century hence the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok hotel is the first grand hotel in this country.

Apart from the fact that it was the inaugural address of its kind, this was also Thailand’s first hotel to have electric lights and a bar in Bangok.

With history as old as the roots of the surrounding trees, today’s hotel is one of the famous one’s in the global. Despite the fact that it has been beautifully rebuilt in the past ten years, guests to the hotel will still find themselves surrounded by remains of its past.

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

5. La Mamounia, Marrakech

Time is slipping away from the hotel as it ages. Winston Churchill wrote a letter to his wife in 1935 saying that he had never used one of the best hotels before: “This is excellent hotel. It’s fantastic place –” Nothing but La Mamounia in Marrakech, a classical hotel that named the pub after Prime Minister itself.

For good cause, this hotel is among the most historically significant ones in the world. Built on a 15-hectare palace and garden Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah provided to his son Moulay Mamoun (hence the name), French architect Henri Prost designed in 1923 to mix traditional Moroccan architecture with the trendier Art Deco style of the time.

Comprising over 20 acres, the hotel’s gardens which include olive trees, orange trees, and palm trees as well as traditional Moroccan tiling and fountains are regarded as among the most beautiful in Morocco.

La Mamounia, Marrakech-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

6. Claridge London

Many of the most ancient hotels in the world call London home; each has amazing stories about their path to the twenty-first century. But none of any hotel has found themselves exactly where Claridge’s has found itself in British political history. How thus could a hotel started as a single terraced house in 1812 create such history?

Claridge provided a haven during the Second World War for the banished Yugoslavian king and queen as well as heads of Greece and Norway. Legend has it that then Prime Minister Winston Churchill declared suite 212 of Claridge’s to be on Yugoslavian territory for one day in 1945 so Crown Prince Alexander II may be born on the ground of his native nation.

7. The Ritz Paris

Probably no historic hotel more famous than the Ritz Paris exists. Without the Place Vendôme in the primary district of Paris, the Ritz Paris is famous not just for its designated address only.

In 1898, César Ritz together with Auguste Escoffier established the hotel; making Ritz Paris the pioneer hotel in Europe that had telephones in each room alongside en-suite bathrooms as well as electric lighting bringing forth a new meaning of a stay in luxury five-star lodging.

Celebrities tend to turn the hotel into their best place; few rooms in this haven do not reflect the royalty who once accommodated them like Coco Chanel, Scott Fitzgerald, Charlie Chaplin and Ernest Hemingway.

The Ritz Paris-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

8. Hotel Balzac, Paris

Hotel Balzac located in Paris, France Experience the 19th-century French style at Hotel Balzac. Hotel Balzac is so historically steeped that it might be described in literature as dating back to the early part of the 19th century!

A French banker ordered the construction as a private mansion. The estate passed several times following the banker’s death, and in the process became one of Paris’s most well-known salons. Living here until his death in 1850, the most well-known resident was undoubtedly the French novelist Honoré de Balzac. In 1875 the site turned into a hotel.

It still exudes the original 19th century beauty following a recent make-over. Think sumptuous burgundy, rose taupe and strong blues; the 13 suites and 56 rooms are adorned in a neoclassical style mixed with rich colours. Furthermore housed in the hotel are the three Michelin stars Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant.

Hotel Balzac, Paris-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

9. Hōshi Ryokan, Japan

Among the world’s oldest hotels, Hōshi Ryokan has been running practically 1,300 years. Originally serving guests along Japan’s highways, a ryokan is a classic Japanese inn. Typically, the ryokan included community baths and tatami mat rooms.

Situated on the coast of the Sea of Japan, the hotel first opened its doors in 718 and has been run by the same family for 46 generations hence. According to legend, the Buddhist monk founder had a revelation from a deity revealing a hot spring in the neighbouring town.

Once he discovered the hot spring, the monk discovered a local to assist in building a spa around it, hence starting a dynasty of innkeepers.

The hotel can accommodate 450 visitors right now. One of the main attractions is still the hot spring; reportedly the water has medicinal qualities.

Hōshi Ryokan, Japan-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

10. Zum Roten Bären, Freiburg im Breisgau

On the right, the pink construction is Zum Roten Bären. On the western edge of the Black Forest, in the city of Freiburg am Breisgau, you will find Zum Roten Bären (To the Red Bear), a hotel with 12th-century roots.

Run out in the historic side of the city, the hotel is run by the 51st “bear” innkeeper. Innkeepers had to deal with many political and social upheavals over its history: foreign sieges, the rise and collapse of guilds, change from one king to the next, and the many plagues that tore across the Middle Ages.

Though substantially devastated during World War Two, the structure keeps a historical façade with the original coat of arms against a pink backdrop.

Zum Roten Bären, Freiburg im Breisgau-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

11. Omni Parker House Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Omni Parker House’s story is a famous tale of how someone could come from nothing to have everything he wanted; this kind of story is often referred to as a ‘rags-to-riches’ narrative. Harvey Parker was a young man who came to Boston in 1825.

Travelers would often stay overnight at the inn they stopped by along their journeys. But Harvey was penniless when he started out here.”

Using his funds, he built a restaurant and after years of running it profitably bought the land that would eventually be the Omni Parker House.

Opening in 1855, it was first known as Parker House Hotel. Important politicians, writers, and performers have stayed in this hotel over time. Here Charles Dickens presented his first American reading.

John F. Kennedy declared his intention to run for Congress from here. The official dessert of Massachusetts, the hotel even wrote the Boston Cream Pie.

The hotel today has three restaurants and 551 rooms and suites. Nearest airport: 3.4 miles Boston Logan International Airport.

Omni Parker House Boston, Massachusetts, USA-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

12. Olde Bell – Hurley, United Kingdom

Not your usual lodging is the Olde Bell, which is in English countryside just one hour’s drive from London. The hotel was opened in 1135 and currently operates as a village, composed of numerous ancient buildings.

The other structures neighboring the hotel are used for hosting private functions while the main inn provides vintage accommodations for travelers and other visitors needing a place to spend the night.

Guests like eating outdoors in different parts of this place; at times they cook meat roasts at the Summer Kitchen, or go out to the apple garden carrying packed picnic baskets, while in the untamed gardens – especially those with wildflowers – some people enjoy drinking chilled bottles of white wine.

For you to have that perfect countryside outing, you have to take a walk. You could either visit the Kitchen Gardens for fruits and vegetables are grown there, or simply walk ten minutes down one of the most beautiful lengths of the Thames River.

Pine wood Studios being in close proximity means that celebrity sightings are not an uncommon phenomenon with some scenes being shot there.

Olde Bell - Hurley, United Kingdom-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

13. Kloster Lounge & Bar, Interlaken – Switzerland

Inhale at the Kloster Lounge & Bar, located at Hotel Interlaken. Interlaken is a Swiss tourist resort that became popular in the 1800s, located on a plain between two lakes and surrounded by mountains. It attracted famous writers, musicians, and artists.

English poet Lord Byron and German composer Felix Mendelsohn paid visits to Interlaken and left their stamp on Hotel Interlaken, one of the town’s oldest establishments.

Originally a cloister, Hotel Interlaken first recorded as a hostel in 1323. After a difficult reconstruction in 1491, it acquired its coat of arms, still clearly seen on the façade.

More modern improvements have raised this hotel to high standards while maintaining its historical look.

Kloster Lounge & Bar, Interlaken - Switzerland-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

14. Pera Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

The Pera Palace Hotel, opened in 1892, was designed according to the needs of the affluent European travelers using the Orient Express Its construction style was influenced by Paris architecture but the constructor added some local elements that would make tourists feel at home while at the same time feeling like they are in another world.

In 2010, the hotel underwent major changes but the original ideas were mainly retained. Extensively related to the lobby, the Kubbeli Saloon Tea Lounge is a Belle Époque scene with royal impression created by black and gold tones. Look up and find wonder at the six little domes on the ceiling.

Many people, including novelist Agatha Christie, have visited the Pera Palace over its existence. She allegedly stayed here and penned her most well-known book, Murder on the Orient Express.

Pera Palace, Istanbul, Turkey-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

15. Fleischers Hotel, Norway

Fleischer’s Hotel will surround you with vegetation. Originally family-run, Fleischer’s Hotel in Norwegian paradise Voss features Swiss style structure and has hosted kings, queens, and princes during its lifetime.

Opening the doors to the hotel in 1864, Fredrik Lyth Ørum Fleischer made use of the money gained from selling the Voss Church, a piece of family property. Fleischer’s Hotel soon became a popular destination for both aristocracy and regular visitors when it combined a focus on hospitality with a location with snow-capped mountains, verdant forests and beautiful lakes.

After several renovations today, the hotel boasts 110 rooms, two restaurants, a bar, a summer patio and other health amenities.

Fleischers Hotel -Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

16. Grand Hotel Europe

An oasis Right in the middle of Saint Petersburg city stands the renowned Grand Hotel Europe.

Originally three separate structures, the hotel debuted in 1830 after Italian architect Carlo Rossi masterfully combined the three under one exquisite façade. The hotel had several renovations, and during war times it also housed a hospital and an orphanage.

Today, three restaurants, one café and a bar occupy the roomy Art Nouveau style architecture. Key here is indulgent dining; you could choose fusion Asian cuisine, caviar and champagne dining, or simply relax with an afternoon tea and chocolates created at the hotel’s own chocolate factory.

The Hotel decided to pay tribute to a handful of the well-known visitors it had seen. Ten classic hotel experiences suites, each honouring a figure who often stayed at the hotel, such as The Dostoevsky Suite, The Romanov Suite or The Pavarotti Suite exist there.

Grand Hotel Europe -Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

17. Argos in Cappadocia, Turkey

Rising from a 2,000-year-old historical network of ancient ruins, cavernues and subterranean tunnels, Argos in Cappadocia is a luxury hotel sculpted into Turkey’s lovely town of Uçhisar’s cliffs. Once the ruins of Bezirhane, a 1500-year-old rock-hewn monastery and subsequent hostel for camel caravans on the fabled Silk Road were discovered, the historic monastery turned boutique hotel developed from ancient homes became an unparalleled hotel experience.

Argos in Cappadocia opened its magical doors to guests with just 29 rooms following a 14-year restoration effort marked by rigorous excavation and investigation. With en-suite pools, fireplaces, or patios overlooking the Pigeon Valley, Mount Erciyes and fairy chimneys, the hotel today features 51 rooms specifically created to honour the historic architecture of the area as they mix in the volcanic terrain.

Dining at Nahita, the first farm-to-table restaurant in the area with vegetables from a 60-kilometer radius surrounded by one of the oldest human communities in history, guests have options. The hotel provides customised experiences including full moon treks, local food tours and cooking courses, picturesque picnics, holistic spa treatments, hot air balloon flights, and much more for a very unforgettable stays at historic hotels.

Argos in Cappadocia, Turkey-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

18. Barnsley Resort

Around Barnsley Resort, history is everywhere. The estate originated in the 1840s when Godfrey Barnsley started building the first house, Woodlands, for the love of his life—his wife Julia’s dream. Julia sickened and died while Godfrey Barnsley started building.

Some months later, Godfrey started dreaming of Julia in the boxwood parterre gardens, urging him to complete estate building for their children and future generations; and that’s exactly what he did. Completed in 1848, the Manor and gardens (which are still in use today) were inspired by Andrew Jackson Downing’s architectural ideas.

The mansion suffered damage beyond repair during troop occupation during the Civil War; in 1906 a tornado tore away the roof of the house. Until the manor was sold in 1942, Godfrey’s descendants lived there; they left to ruin. Purchasing the estate in 1988, Prince Hubertus Fugger of Bavaria revived and enlarged the grounds and rebuilt the remnants of the ruins.

Originally opened formally as a resort in 1999, the site has delighted visitors ever since. Of course, Barnsley Resort complements the Manor House Ruins with its lovely cottage-style homes, great cuisine, on-site adventures including horseback riding, shooting clays, a refreshing pool, award-winning golf, miles of trails for hiking, an intimate spa, and beautiful gardens.

Guests can indulge their eyes (and appetite!) on some of the freshest Georgian garden-to–table cuisine at three on-site restaurants ranging from fine-dining at the 19th century farmhouse, Rice House Restaurant, to pure Southern comfort food at The Woodlands Grill and al fresco dining at the Beer Garden.

Barnsley Resort is the perfect hideaway to unplug, reconnect and escape together, whether your search is for an exciting adventure or a laid-back vacation.

Barnsley Resort-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

19. Hotel Kura Botanica

Centrally located in the Kura Hulanda hamlet of Curaçao, the premium boutique hotel Kura Botanica was originally a residential enclave, the UNESCO World Heritage identified Kura Hulanda’s 17th and 18th century Dutch colonial-style structures with the island’s characteristic multicoloured look.

Many of these old buildings now have their interiors transformed into an arts and entertainment area with a museum, stores, restaurants, and naturally the new boutique hotel. Enjoy a classic European village feel together with all the modern amenities catering to guests. A wellness spa, beautiful pool, personal concierge, free breakfast and room-service.

Hotel Kura Botanica-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

20. Villa Balkyh

Once home to more than ten orphans, Villa Balkyh, a 15-room opulent hacienda located in the celestial fringes of Antigua, Built by two artists who fell in love, the property was nestled in the middle of a 6-acre beautiful garden.

They had a large property, which was not needed because of the small number of people they had. As a result, they agreed to house girls dislocated from school to help nurture their kids. Not only do public places and rooms for guests lure outsiders in through spellbinding textiles associated with Guatemala but also enhance untamed beauty.

Villa Balkyh-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

21. Southernmost Beach Resort

From the guest room in an immaculately renovated, turn-of- the-century Victorian home with The Guesthouses at Southernmost Beach Resort, mix history with modern coastal décor to embrace the unique atmosphere of Key West.

While “Duval Gardens” is a house with 12 rooms going back to the 1920s, “The Avalon” is an exclusive 19 room getaway with roots going back to 1885 and located on the old Duval Street. Additionally there are two other guesthouses, La Mer and Dewey. The guesthouses served several purposes in their former life, including boys’ schooling and among the first few hospitals on the island.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, one of the guesthouses was converted to a military base for personnel monitoring Cuba. These interesting parts of history have been modernized with contemporary conveniences, maintaining their colonial feel.

The interesting thing about their past is that at some point during the Cuban Missile Crisis one of the guesthouses became a military base where confidential documents were guarded. While still preserving its colonial charm and atmosphere all the rooms in these intriguing historical fragments have been brought up to date by adding modern facilities and conveniences.

These homes’ old town bed-and-breakfast vibe is as near as Key West’s legendary past, when Hemingway once prowled the streets. Every morning on the front porch is a substantial continental breakfast buffet presented café style.

Every visitor to The Guesthouses can use the other facilities of Southernmost Beach Resort, including two private beaches, three pools (including those of the homes), daily activities and more.

Southernmost Beach Resort-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

22. Playa Largo

During his earlier years, the largest pineapple farm throughout the US before. Ben Baker, in his 60s and 70s, owned 160 acres on Key Largo, the farthest north island in the famous Florida Keys, which spread over about half a dozen miles.

Captain Baker set up a pineapple field that was the biggest in the country by planting 6000 pineapple plants on mile marker 97 where Playa Largo Resort & Per Spa is located today. This is his prime real estate.

As a matter of fact, he was so successful in his pineapple business that he used to ship more than 85% of all pineapples that were eaten in America then.

The business slowed down and the Florida Keys finally started to develop into a tourist destination when a Category 2 hurricane wrecked the island in 1906. Enter Playa Largo Resort & Spa in 2016; before even starting construction, the resort team committed $300,000 towards environmental preservation to inspect trees and wildlife in the surrounding area to guarantee the Keys’ sensitive ecosystem remained unharmed in the process.

Quickly became one of the most sought after luxury getaways in the area, Playa Largo boasts 178 guest rooms, two-story bungalows, private beach villas, a beachfront zero-entry pool, amazing spa, four restaurants and so much more.

The resort honours its former life with pineapple mojitos as welcome drinks for all guests who walk through the doors, a signature Eventide cocktail served in a whole pineapple, and most recently, a private label pineapple vodka only available at Playa Largo – distilled at the local Islamorada Brewery & Distillery. The land’s pineapple-filled past is not overlooked.

Playa Largo-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

23. Caribe Hilton, Caribbean

Opening in 1949, the venerable Caribe Hilton was Hilton’s first hotel outside of the continental United States. Conrad Hilton was the only one who answered in Spanish when the government of Puerto Rico extended an open bid to hotels hoping to develop on the location; the rest is history.

Artists like Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, and Iris Chacon performed there (years before they were well-known), and the beloved mid-century island mainstay was known for its Juliana’s nightclub, an epochal celebrity hang-out where guests and residents both would gather to catch the hottest entertainment.

Among the famous visitors of the hotel are Liz Taylor, Sophia, Loren, and Barack Obama as well. The beach club of the resort, “Club Caribe,” attracted residents in great numbers, and visitors from overseas came back year after year making Caribe a second home. More than 50 years have passed while most long-time visitors to the resort have been on holiday!

Caribe Hilton, Caribbean -Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

24. Parador Guánica

Parador Guánica 1929 was built in the town of Ensenada, in the municipality of Guánica on the southern part of the island, as the name suggests in the 1920s. Established by the South Porto Rico Sugar Company to house workers for the adjacent sugar cane farms and processing plant, the hamlet is not much older than the hotel (1909).

Originally called the American Hotel, the structure of the hotel drew on Spanish haciendas. At the American Hotel, the usual customers were executives, businessmen and politicians with interests in what later turned out to be the most influential sugar company in the Caribbean.

The current owners retained the original 1920s style and improved facilities and added modern conveniences as well.

Parador Guánica-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

25. Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

In 1917, an expanse of beach bordered by rows of tall green palm trees was all that adorned the area of Condado. The grandiose hotel was built by Frederik William Vanderbilt, a railroad baron, upon his request it be constructed here on what used to be called just “Condado.”

Designing such landmarks as the Grand Central Station layout from NYC and the Warren & Wetmore also originating New York’s Vanderbilt Hotel, it was constructed by Warren & Wetmore architects in a typical Spanish Revival structure depicting era features.

When it first opened in 1919, the hotel’s glorious sea views and extravagant design attracted famous Hollywood and European aristocrats including people such as Errol Flynn, Bob Hope, Arthur Rubinstein, President Franklin Roosevelt, and his spouse Eleanor.

After many decades of renames and restarts, the hotel shutdown in 1990s and did not operate until 2014 but was open for business again under a different owner who brought back the Old World’s elegance and charm that were void over most parts of its 100 years early life period.

Condado Vanderbilt Hotel-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

26. Intercontinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu, Marseille

Intercontinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu within the city of Marseille: at the point where it overlooks the Mediterranean, some of the most important harbor cities in southern Europe lie. Therefore, it is no coincidence that a luxurious hotel is situated in a magnificent 18th-century hospital having part of its structures dating back to the 12th century as they offer splendid view over much of the old port area.

Napoleon III, the nephew of the great Napoleon I (yep, the one who visited Waterloo and returned emptyhanded) and the first president of France called the hospital the Hotel Dieu.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century and Intercontinental used the elegant façade of the building to conceal one of the most opulent hotels in their portfolio. The 193 rooms and suites offer all the conveniences you could dream for.

But when you could be spending time in the Clarins spa, why remain in your room? Alternatively savour a good bottle of wine on the terrace so that you may take in the views over the ancient city. Without a Michelin star restaurant on hand, of course, it wouldn’t be a top class hotel in France.

The Alcyone restaurant does have some of the most delicious cuisine, and the location itself is breathtaking with views over the former harbour and an atmosphere that complements the creative output of chef Lionel Levy and his staff.

Though most of us would avoid bringing our children to a place like this, the hotel will go all out to make sure the little ones have the best time with goodie bags, treasure hunts, special kids menus; I personally took my kids there twice and they loved it; also thanks to the staff which are great with children.

Intercontinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu, Marseille-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Oldest Hotel in the World That Still Exists?

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, a Japanese resort in Hayakawa near Mount Fuji has been operating since 705. It has been approved for the longest continuously running hotel by the Guinness world records and it has been handed over for 53 generations.

2. Which is the Most Famous Hotel in the World?

Considered to be the world’s most famous hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, boasts of five stars. This is among Singapore’s largest and most recognizable hotels in the affluent travel industry. This vast project for a resort composite above the water level of Marina Bay, was drawn by the reputed architect Moshe Safdie in 2010.

3. What is a Historic Resort?

The Historic resort Worldwide program, an officially recognized program developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation is dedicated to increasing knowledge about and promoting the best historical hotels on a global scale.

The prestigious group of historical artifacts referred to as Historic Hotels Worldwide contains 1000 years of historical accommodation going from fortresses to mansions, colleges to farms, abbeys to vacation homes.

At least 50 years old and designated as a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior or listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; historic significance must be recognised for a hotel to be considered for inclusion in this respected programme.”

4. Which is Most Expensive Hotel in the World?

The Lover’s Deep Submarine, St Lucia costs $223,000 (or £175,000) a night and six Caribbean sea through St Lucia. The special package for The Lover Deep Submarine is available only for the most elite people, include having your own private chef, personal steward and captain.

Which includes helicopter flights along with beach landings, besides luxurious breakfasts soaked with champagne, don’t forget the flawless speed boat rides to and from the submarine.

Which is Most Expensive Hotel in the World-Timeless Luxury Live the Past at These Historic Hotels for Modern Travelers

5. Which Hotel is Most Internationally Minded?

Lately, Marriot International has emerged as the world’s top hotel chain especially after merging with Starwood Hotels. It maintains a significant gap of approximately 250,000 rooms ahead of its nearest rival in China, Jin Jiang Group.

6. Is Every Old Hotel Equipped With Modern Facilities?

While most old buildings with a history incorporate new services and conveniences meant to attract tourists of today, there is always a variation. One would have the most assurance about one’s requirements being met by visiting the hotel on their own.

7. What Could Historic Hotels Do to Keep Their History?

Historic Hotels preserve their heritage through meticulous restoration and conservation, which includes both the architecture and decoration. Together with historians and environmentalists, they ensure that any changes will not cause any harm to the historical fiber of the building.

8. Is There a Downside to Staying in a Hotel that has Been Around for Ages?

While some people are drawn to the charm that typically characterizes old hotels, there are times when these establishments come with their disadvantages such as inadequate soundproofing, as well as fewer rooms than modern ones. Nonetheless, most guests find the unique feel and general atmosphere of such places to be more valuable than any minor shortcomings.

9. Which Hotel, Worldwide, is the Biggest?

As of 2022 when it claimed the top rank globally, First World Hotel, based in Malaysia, had 7,351 rooms divided between two buildings. The single construction with the most rooms is MGM Grand Las Vegas with 5,124 rooms at a go.

10. Which Hotel Has The Highest Profit?

In 2023, Marriott International had the highest sales revenue compared to any other hotel group. That same year, it was said that the fortune of Marriott International had more than half a million guests from all parts of the world. In terms of properties, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts was the largest hospitality company in 2023.

Final Words

Considering the historic accommodations with modern amenities among these historic hotels amount to more than just looking for a room in which you can spend the night; it acts as stepping back into an era and enjoying an enhanced ancient grandeur with present-day luxuries.

From castles, palaces, ancient inns up to converted monasteries, these amazing places to stay provide us with an extraordinary mixture of yesterday’s world and comfort that covers our every need.

Plan your next vacation to one of the historic hotels for Some of these historic hotels for modern travelers that hold their rich heritage and charm for modern discerning travelers.


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