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The Desert Kingdom: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Saudi Arabia


A trip to Saudi Arabia has unique, luxurious, and enriching experiences for a number of reasons. It is basically a place for everyone to visit regardless of who you are, where you are from, your beliefs, etc. it is an embodiment of history, amazing present and a beautifully illustrated future.

This is one destination that should take a spot in your travel bucket list, Saudi Arabia will leave you in awe, as it is beautifully endowed with tall buildings with amazing architectural designs, nature also did a number in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, popularly nicknamed “the desert kingdom”, “the hidden jewel of the middle East”, and “the kingdom of Saudi Arabia” due to its status as monarchy.

Saudi Arabia is also located in the Middle East in the Arabian Peninsula it is boarded by Jordan and Iraq to the north, Kuwait to the northeast, and Bahrain, Quarter and United Arab Emirates to the east, Oman to the southeast, and Yemen to the south. It has coastlines along the Red sea is to the west and the Persian Gulf to the northeast.

Riyadh is the capital and the largest city in Saudi Arabia. You can imagine the impeccable view you will be getting with all the places that surround Saudi Arabia, definitely a place to visit, It has one the most intriguing natural wonders to be “the Edge of the World” which is also known as Jebel Fihrayn, it is one of the world’s most intriguing places.

You may also find the leadership style quite interesting; it isn’t something that is conventional in the country level, Saudi Arabia is ruled in absolute Monarchy, the structure includes the King, the crown Prince, and the government arm.

I bet it will be nice to see how people live there, I myself, I am very curious about this leadership style and how it works in the 21st century world. 
This article will help you understand reasons why you should visit Saudi Arabia or consider visiting Saudi Arabia, places you can visit when you get there and recommended activities for you to enjoy. This is going to be a beautiful journey so kindly grab your glass of wine, cup of coffee, tea or your favorite soda.

Al Ula in Saudi Arabia-10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Saudi Arabia

10 Reasons why you should visit Saudi Arabia

Here are reasons to visit Saudi Arabia.

  1. The rich cultural heritage 
  2. Religious significance 
  3. Modern cities 
  4. Natural beauty 
  5. Economic and business opportunities 
  6. Unique experiences 
  7. Ancient architecture 
  8. Futuristic development 
  9. To create memories
  10. To explore the world 
  1. The Rich cultural heritage: Saudi Arabia is the home to wealth of historical and cultural sites, including the UNESCO (United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization) World Heritage sites of Diriyah, Al-Balad district of Jeddah, and Al-Hijir. Enough we the sites, you get to meet the people of Saudi Arabia, discover their dressing, food, dance steps, lifestyle and culture. You! Get to see the beauty of Saudi Arabia. 
  2. Religious significance: for Muslims, Saudi Arabia is of immense religious importance, hosting the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. Every year, millions of Muslims visit for Hajj and Umar pilgrimages. 
  3. Modern cities: The cities like Jeddah and Riyadh offer a blend of modernity and tradition with skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and traditional markets. Remember the beautiful architecturally designed buildings I was talking about? Well, here they are! Breath taking views from this building. 
  4. Natural beauty: beauty is not enough to explain how amazing Saudi Arabia looks! The diverse landscapes include the vast desert like the Rub’al Khali, the beautiful red sea coastlines, and the Asir Mountains, providing opportunities for outdoor activities. 
  5. Economic and Business Opportunities: As a rapidly growing economy, Saudi Arabia offers numerous business and investment opportunities, particularly with the vision 2030 initiative aiming to diversify the economy beyond oil. For this reason, a lot of visitors comes for business related reasons.
  6. Unique Experiences: You can experience authentic Arabian hospitality, traditional cuisine, and participate in local festivals and events. Cuisines like kabsa, mandi, kunafa, Saudi tea or coffee, samboosa. I will be given more detailed information on the cuisines that will make you mouth water!
  7. Ancient Architecture: Saudi Arabia is endowed with impressive ancient architecture, from the Nabatean tombs at Al-Hijr to the mud-brick structures in Najran. 
  8. Futuristic Development: Saudi Arabia is undertaking ambitious projects like NEOM, a planned cross-border city, with promises to be a hub of innovation and sustainability. 
The elephant mountain in Saudi Arabia-10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Saudi Arabia

Landmarks to visit in Saudi Arabia 

  • Al-Hijjr 
  • Mecca 
  • Medina 
  • Diriyah 
  • Jeddah 
  • Riyadh 
  • The empty quarter
  • Asir Mountain 
  • Al Ula 
  • Red sea coast 
  • Taif 
  • Edge of the world 
  • Al-Qara 

These landmarks are beautiful tourist attractions that helps you gain a better understanding of Saudi Arabia and see why Saudi Arabia is one of the best places to visit. 

  1. Al-Hijjr: A UNESCO World heritage site, Madain Salih features well preserved ancient Nabatean tombs carved into sandstone cliffs, akin to Petra in Jordan. 
  2. Mecca: the holiest city in Islam, Mecca is home to the Kaaba within the Masjid Al-Haram. It is important to note that only it is off-limits to non-muslims. Billion Muslims gather here annually for religious purposes. 
  3. Medina: the second holiest city in Islam, Medina houses the prophet’s Mosque (Al-Masjid an-Nabawi), where Muhammad was buried. Like Mecca, it is not accessible to non-muslim. Thus, Medina and Mecca are two of Islam’s holiest cities. 
  4. Diriyah: this is a historic site near Riyadh which is the birthplace of the Saudi state and includes the restored Mud-brick structures of the Al-Turaif district another UNESCO world heritage site.  
  5. Jeddah: it historic district is AL-Balad district, Jeddah also boasts of the red sea coastlines, offering outdoor activities for visitors/tourist. This city is blend of tradition and modernity, the buzzing markets and contemporary attractions. 
  6. Riyadh: The capital city, it offers modern skyscrapers like the kingdom Centre, historic sites like Masark Fortress, and cultural institutions such as the national museum. 
  7. The empty quarter: Also known as Rub’ al Khali, it is the largest continuous sand desert in the world, offering unique desert landscapes, adventure tourism, and the chance to experience Bedouin culture. 
  8. Asir Mountain: this place is located in the southwest, to Asir Mountains offer cooler climates, lush scenery, and the picturesque village of Rijal Alma. It is a great spot for some outdoor activities and exploring traditional Saudi Mountain culture.
  9. Al-Ula: such a stunning place to be in, rich in with archaeological treasures, including the rock formations of the elephant rock and the ancient city of Dadan. Al-Ula is becoming a significant cultural and tourism hub. 
  10. Red sea coast: from its pristine waters, to its coral reefs, the Red sea is nothing short of amazing to look at. It is ideal for some outdoor activities and also has a beach for some fun and relaxation. Here is where a part of the future is already trying to exist, the upcoming mega project NEOM also promises futuristic attractions. 
  11. Taif: oh! The beautiful rose gardens and the perfect summer festivals are so famous within this region, Taif offers a pleasant climate and cultural experiences such as traditional souks and historical places. You can also visit the Shubra palace in Taif.  
  12. Edge of the world: the dramatic cliffs which is located near Riyadh offers breath taking views of surrounding desert and popular spot for photography. 
  13. Al-Qara: it is also a UNESCO world heritage site, the Mountain there has stunning features like the cave formation and offers insight into the region’s geological history.  

These are places visit in Saudi that stand out the most, however there are so many more places you can visit. Before I share with you the activities that you can indulge in, I will like to give you an outline of historical places you can visit

Historical places in Saudi Arabia to visit 

The Holy city of Mecca-10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Saudi Arabia

• Al-Hijr 

• Diriyah 

• Al-Balad 

• Masmark Fortress 

• Najran 

• Tarout Island 

• Hegra 

• Tayma

• Qaryat Al-Faw 

• Al-qarah Mountain 

• The od town of Al ula 

• Jubail Church 

• Mount Uhud 

These are historical places that date back to as far as the 625 AD, even if you may not be one who is interested in history it wouldn’t hurt to see these places are take pictures for memories sake. One of the reasons we travel is to visit parts of the world we were not born in, see the places, admire the culture, taste their dishes and you guessed right! and take pictures.

I will be breaking thus down to the kind of travelers we have, for those who like culture, those that enjoy outdoor and adventure activities, and those that like modern attraction and unique experiences. Which ever you are interested indulging in regardless of the type of traveler you are, with all excitement kindly do justice to the experience. It is important to note that I am breaking it down in case you have limited time to be in Saudi Arabia and need to make informed decisions and prioritized the activities you want to add to your itinerary. 
Dearest audience I present to you amazing activities;
Outdoor and Adventurous activities; 

  • Hike the edge of the world:
    Dive into the red sea, The red sea coastlines provides opportunity for the best diving and snorkeling in the world, with its vibrant coral reefs, and diverse, marine life. Also Jeddah and Farasan islands are key spots for you to relish the outdoor experiences and for relaxation. 
  • Explore the Asir Mountains: you can hike or take a cable car I the Asir Mountain near Abha. Also because of the cool, fresh and lush scenery, it is ideal for a outdoor activities and exploring of the traditional villages like Rijal Alma. What a nice site in Saudi Arabia you’d be viewing. 
  • Desert Safari in the Empty Quarter: embark on a desert safari in the Rub ’al Khali, it is the world largest sand desert. You can indulge in dune bashing, camel ridding, and Bedouin-style camping under the stars. 
  • Modern Attractions: You can shop and dine in Riyadh, for this you can visit the Kingdom Centre, visit a fine dining like the Al-Orjouan, with panoramic views from the observation decks. 

You can also attend events and festivals, participate in cultural events and festivals such as the Riyadh seasons, which features entertainment, sports and cultural activities or the Jeddah season for concerts, exhibitions and more. All these are sustainable luxury you can experience.  You can also visit the national museum of Saudi Arabia. 

A variety of Kabsa cuisine-10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Saudi Arabia
  • Unique experiences: Experience Saudi cuisines. Like I promised earlier, here is a detailed description of Saudi Arabian cuisines, some will come as a surprise and others your home cuisines might be similar. This means you would not be starviPerceiveng but licking your fingers and savoring the taste of each cuisine fruits, food, and tea. 
  • Kabsa: Kabsa is spiced rice dish often served with lamb, chicken, or fish. It is flavored with a mix of spices such as cloves, cinnamon, black lime, cardamon, and saffron. I believe it isn’t just I you can perceive the aroma. 
  • Mandi: It is quite similar to Kabsa, it is a rice dish cooked with meat, usually lamb or chicken, it ten steamed in a tandoor which is a traditional clay oven. It originates from southwestern region of Saudi Arabia. 
  • Jareesh: it is made from crushed wheat and cooked with milk or meat, Jareesh is a porridge like cuisine. 
  • Haress: it is a dish similar to Jareesh, it is made from grounded what and meat usually lamb or chicken, and also has a porridge like texture. So, you can taste Jareesh and Haress and figure which you prefer. 
  • Mutabbaq: This is a popular street food, it is a stuffed savory delicious pastry filled with minced meat, vegetables, and spices. It is pan fried to a crispy finish and leaves you wanting more. 
  • Ma’amoul: These are small shortbread pastries filled with dates, nuts, or figs. They are commonly enjoyed and savored during religious holidays like Eid.  
  • Basbousa: this is a sweet cake made from semolina soaked in simple syrup, often topped with almonds or coconuts. 
  • Kunafa: this is a popular middle eastern dessert; it is made with thin noodle like pastry soaked in sweet syrup and layered with cheese or cream. 
  • Saudi coffee also known as Gahwa: a traditional coffee made with lightly roasted coffee beans, cardamon, and sometimes Saffron it is often served with dates. 
  • Arak: this is what the South Koreans will call soju, it is a middle eastern distilled spirit flavored with anise. Although not as common due to Islamic prohibition on alcohol, it is still a notable part of the region historic cuisine. 
Middle eastern shawarma-10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Saudi Arabia
  • Shawarma: this might come as a surprise to a few, especially because the most popular shawarma is that with marinated chicken. However this traditional street food is consisting of marinated meat or lamb, that is roasted on a vertical spit and then shaved off and served in flatbreads with vegetables and sauces. 
  • Falafel: this is deep fried meat balls made from ground chickpeas or fava beans, mixed with herbs and spices. They are often served in pita bread with salad and tahini sauce. 
  • Mutabbaq samak: this is a fish dish that is usually grilled or fried and served with rice. It is a coastal specialty reflecting the Red sea and Persian Gulf influences. 
  • Samboosa: this is quite similar to Indian samosas, Samboosa are pastries filled with pure goodness of spiced meat vegetables or lentils, and are typically deep fried. 

Do you love good food? Is variety the taste of life to you? If yes, then pay a visit to Saudi Arabia. 

Lastly, Visit NEOM and the line: Explore the futuristic city project like NEOM and the line, which are part of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 initiative to create innovative and sustainable urban development. 

Pheew! What an amazing imaginative travel to Saudi Arabia, it was filled with so much and adventure and cuisines that I believe the drink in your hands has finished. If you enjoyed this journey, it time to visit Saudi Arabia and enjoy all these and more. 

Saudi Arabia, is beyond amazing it is a place for everyone to visit, it has all you may be looking for. Ranging from more opportunities and money, to a place of history, a beautiful culture and, most importantly a vacation for relaxation. 

Conclusion: Plan your trip to Saudi Arabia and witness it beautiful natural landscapes, sand dunes, visit historical sites, visit Saudi Arabia national museum. Explore Saudi Arabia, the hidden gem. Make Saudi Arabia your next travel destination, explore the world today visit Saudi Arabia. 


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